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Sound insulation of room: main features

Those people who live in noisy cities, especially in multi - story houses , very often want to hear the silence that seems so difficult to achieve. Noise of urban transport, numerous festive feasts and repair work in neighboring apartments hinder, deprive the peace and sleep, negatively affecting the nervous system and general health. In such conditions, the best solution is to organize a good soundproofing of the room and, at last, to start living peacefully.

The process of sound attenuation through the organization of special fences is quite voluminous and requires the investment of financial resources and physical forces. However, when the soundproofing of the room is carried out with the help of high-quality materials and modern equipment, the technology of its implementation is greatly facilitated. Thanks to the wide variety of products presented in today's market, you can create a reliable system for absorbing extraneous sounds in absolutely any room in a short time. The most important thing is to choose high-quality consumables so that sound insulation in the room is made at a high level. It is very important to make all the necessary calculations correctly and take care of the ecological compatibility of the consumables and their fire safety in advance. All this is necessary to create a reliable system and do not expend any extra effort and money.

For example, the soundproofing of a room can be based on an acoustic ceiling, because often it is the rumbling and trampling that is heard from the upper floors that irritate most. This design is a special multi-layer system, effectively suppressing vibration, reducing echo and reducing the degree of noise penetration. A special noise-absorbing membrane, which, as a rule, is part of the acoustic ceiling, works in such a way that the soundproofing of the room becomes even more powerful.

To insulate the floors in the home use either plates made of mineral wool, or gypsum fiber screed. In the first case, an elastic base is organized, easily withstanding any load and having high mechanical strength.

At the moment, developed a soundproof material, which at a thickness of twenty-five millimeters can withstand weight to two or three tons. Installation gypsum fiber screed allows you to make all the necessary work as quickly as possible, while the coating can act as a linoleum, and a laminate or parquet.

The optimal solution for wall insulation will be the use of foam or the installation of a frame from the GCR. As a soundproofing device in the second case, you can, for example, use a material such as basalt wool. This technology is good because the thickness of the walls of the room will increase by only a couple of centimeters.

In general, to ensure that the soundproofing of the room was done qualitatively and quickly, there is no need to resort to the help of professionals or to use very expensive consumables. The most important is to competently and responsibly approach the selection of the necessary materials and have a clear idea of the process and its main stages.

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