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Building mixer for concrete: how to choose?

A hand mixer for concrete, which is a special drill-agitator, has a very wide application for the preparation of a variety of construction mixtures, and is also used as a tool for working with adhesives and varnishes of all kinds. This is all possible due to the high quality of mixing and ease of operation. However, when choosing such an instrument, it is necessary to analyze all the factors that can influence its operation.

Before you buy a mixer for concrete, you need to determine the amount of work that you will perform with it, and only then choose in accordance with this electric tool. If you are interested in doing self-repair at home, then you can easily be satisfied with the household option, while saving up to 30% of the cost. If your profession is building, then it's worth buying a more professional device.

When choosing a mixer for concrete, it is necessary to take into account its power, for which purpose it is necessary to determine in advance the type of construction mixtures with which you will work. For example, for the preparation of building mixtures based on concrete, which contains a variety of fillers in the form of gravel, expanded clay or gravel, high torque is very important. In such cases, the best option would be a power tool whose power is a kilowatt or more. If you are interested in a mixer for concrete manual, the price of which is from 2000 rubles, for the preparation of light mixtures, for example, parquet varnish or tile glue, then a tool with lower power will help you, because in this case the speed of rotation is important, and not the torque. A professional tool, and sometimes a domestic one, has the ability to control the speed of rotation, that is, you can choose a certain speed, which allows you to use the device to prepare different types of mixtures.

If you have already bought a mixer for concrete, then you should also carefully approach the issue of selecting the nozzle. To make the right decision, you need to determine what type of mixture the work will be carried out. It can be said that there are generally three types of attachments for a mixer: screw, cross, combined. The former are used for the mixing of paints and varnishes, the latter should be used in those situations where air ingress into the mixture is undesirable, and still others will be useful for any materials.

Fixation of attachments in any mixer is not particularly difficult, since everything is unified here. Manufacturers use the standard M14. He assumes that the nozzle will be clamped into the cartridge, and if it needs to be replaced, you can unscrew the cartridge with a special serrated key. The same standard applies to transitional cartridges for perforators, which allow using them as a mixer for concrete. For some cases, this option becomes a real salvation.

In conclusion, we can say that by purchasing a concrete mixer for concrete, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of high torque, sufficient power, as well as the possibility of changing the speed of work.

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