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We all know such a term as meditation. Moreover, each person, without being aware of it, may be in a state of meditation for a while. For example, this is a period when we are on something very focused, or when the heart for a few moments freezes at a trembling moment. All this is a kind of meditation.

But for a person who purposely wants to learn how to meditate, it is important to understand what meditation is, and why it is needed, what techniques exist and how to do it correctly. This will be discussed in the article.

What is meditation?

So, meditation is a special technique of concentration and relaxation at the same time. A state where thoughts are directed to one goal or the mind is cleansed of thoughts completely. It depends on the technique used and its purposes. Of course, this is spiritual work on oneself. Many people consider meditation to be a supernatural process, because unusual abilities may appear, for example, levitation or reading thoughts. Such cases were recorded long ago, but this fact or fiction, there is no direct evidence.

During meditation, a person turns off his mind, becomes unconscious, and at this moment the body rests without actions or thoughts. Or we set ourselves up for a certain state - happiness, health of spiritual and bodily, inner joy and much more, channel our thought in one direction and concentrate on it. Agree, it is quite often that we are disturbed by the mind and various aggravating thoughts.

Science says that meditation is a process in which the actions in the cerebral cortex slow down because of special breathing techniques. When a person performs meditation, the entire body relaxes, the consciousness "floats" and the brain gets into a state between sleep and reality. At such times, different new feelings and emotions may arise. Of course, scientists deny the supernatural nature of this process, since all phenomena are explained by slowed-down brain work, half-sleep state.

Why you need meditation

Many people practicing meditation use it to bring their consciousness into balance, to return inner harmony. Meditation helps in mastering various practices, as well as some martial arts.

In other words, if a person is worried about something, he is worried about some life situation or problem, he is stressed for one reason or another, then meditation will be an excellent way to deal with these personality-frustrating factors. This will help to calm down and relax, moreover, respiratory technology will also be useful to the body.

If we talk again about the scientific point of view on meditation, this is probably one of the easiest ways to learn how to manage your psycho-physiological state, emotions, restrain anger and other negative emotions, let go and not keep evil, strengthen your creativity and work efficiency.

A Brief History of Meditation

Meditation has been taking its history since ancient times and can be traced in parallel with religion. In past centuries people used chanting, repeating the same words and other means to communicate with the gods.

The first mention of this process appeared in India around the 15th century BC in the tradition of Hindu Vedantism. It is the Vedas that describe the technique of meditation.

Later, in the period from the 6th to the 5th century BC, other forms of meditation appear (in Indian Buddhism and Chinese Taoism). In the twenties BC there are records of the religious thinker Philo of Alexandria, who describes "spiritual exercises", the essence of which is concentration and attention. Three centuries later, the techniques of meditation are developed by the philosopher Plotinus (one of the first philosophers of Ancient Greece).

Buddhist scriptures say that Indian Buddhist meditation is a kind of step towards liberation. Religion is spreading in China, where references to the use of meditation go to the Zen school (100 BC).

Meditation from India began to spread thanks to the movement of caravans along the Silk Road, which connected East Asia and the Mediterranean. This process has become increasingly popular, and more and more people have accepted this practice.

Later, in the sixties of the 20th century, meditation spread to the West and became an object of study of science, in the process of which it was possible to find out exactly how this affects the body and which processes occur or, conversely, do not occur in a state of meditative trance.

Today, meditation techniques are used in psychotherapy as a means of neutralizing negative emotions, stresses and developing positive thinking and inner calmness.

Osho Meditation

Chandra Mohan Rajneesh, or Osho is an Indian philosopher who has authored more than 140 different meditation techniques. It was Osho who developed the techniques of not only "sitting" meditations, but also mobile ones.

The main goal of meditation on Osho is to set the mind aside and make an empty vessel; Get rid of your ego, while gaining enlightenment. Osho believed that in order to get to his soul, it is necessary to be able to turn off the mind, because he is the main obstacle in life for a person. The main paradox of Osho's teachings is: "emptying, a person is filling up."

You can not call a specific technique "the best meditation." Everyone chooses what he likes. Some like static meditations more than others, dynamic ones. It is important to find the technique in which it is possible to achieve the main goals of meditation - harmony. Here are a few techniques of meditation Osho: Vipassana, dynamic meditation Osho and Kundalini.

These are just a few examples of the various meditation techniques of this guru. Osho's meditation, according to the philosopher and supporters of his teachings, helps to find inner harmony, tranquility and joy, the ability to be yourself.

Vipassana Technique

This kind of meditation should take place in absolute silence. It is necessary to find a convenient place where you can sit for 45-60 minutes, and meditate every day in the same place and at the same time.

Vipassana is not practiced for the purpose of concentration. Relaxation is characteristic of this technique. The back should be flat, the eyes closed, breathe naturally and listen to your breathing.

Dynamic Meditation

As already noted, meditation can be mobile and alive. That is, it is not necessary to take a comfortable pose and stay in it for a long period. For people who can not meditate motionless, dynamic meditation will do. The energy that comes out at the time of the second stage, allows the body to relax and free itself from unnecessary stress.

It is performed for an hour in 5 stages. The eyes should be closed or tied with a bandage. Meditate on this technique is better on an empty stomach in comfortable clothes. Time can be monitored with a timer. If the room can not make noise, let it be the body's meditation, and the mantra can be spoken mentally.

The first stage lasts 10 minutes. You need to breathe through your nose and deep, concentrating on exhalation.

The second stage is also 10 minutes. It is necessary to give an outlet of energy - to jump, shout, shake, dance, sing, laugh, move the whole body. You have to be "insane", do not connect the mind to this process. Just move.

In the third stage, for 10 minutes, you need to jump with your hands up and repeat the mantra "Hu! Hu! Hu! ". It is necessary to land on the whole foot.

The fourth stage lasts 15 minutes. It is necessary to freeze in the position in which you were at the time of the signal. You just need to be in this state, do not cough, sneeze, do not talk, stop.

The last, the fifth, the stage lasts also 15 minutes. It is necessary to dance and rejoice, fill with happiness, expressing gratitude to everything.

Kundalini Technique

Meditation, which is performed at sunset for an hour. The first three of its stages are performed to music, and the last - in silence.

At the first stage, it is necessary to start shaking the entire body in the standing position for 15 minutes. It is necessary to shake, preparing the inner energy for liberation.

In the second stage, you should start dancing at random for 15 minutes. Dance can be anything: you can jump, run, move the way your body wants.

In the third stage, it is necessary to stand still, stay still for 15 minutes, feeling what is happening outside and inside. You are free from energy, a large flow of it, and now simply behold, as something new flows in your veins. Feel this state.

At the fourth stage, you must take a prone position and lie with your eyes closed without moving (15 minutes).

Purification through meditation

If you often experience moral exhaustion, stress and anxiety prevent you from soberly reflecting and working effectively, then special meditation will help purify yourself. Purification takes place on a spiritual level. That is, we clear our minds of all the "garbage" and negativity that accumulates there and burdens us.

This technique is described in the book "Sensei" by Anastasia Novykh and is simple in execution. So, the starting position is standing, legs should be placed on the width of the shoulders. Hands are located at the level of the abdomen, touching with spread fingers - large to large, indexing to the index finger, etc. This is then necessary to close the circle along which the energy moves, this is in the spiritual plane, but in the physical, such contact favorably affects the brain Due to the large number of nerve endings at the fingertips. Next, you need to relax and clear your head of thoughts. Watch your breathing, it will help.

After achieving complete relaxation, you need to imagine yourself a jug, the source of water for which is the soul. Imagine that the water fills the entire body, and, reaching the edges of the vessel, pours through the top of the body, leaving the ground.

Together with this water, all negative thoughts, anxiety flow, internal purification occurs. If you conduct this meditation daily, a person will learn to control his thoughts, keeping them in "cleanliness and order".

Everyone would like to secure a good future for themselves, attract success. For this, purifying meditation can be used. The creation of a successful future in this case will be based on the fact that a person has learned himself, recognized his true desires and cleared himself of all obstacles and negative thoughts that could interfere with the process of working on himself and his future.

Meditation techniques for attracting a loved one for men

It has already been said above that one can meditate not only for the purpose of purification. There is also concentration meditation, and one of its subspecies is meditation per person. This type of meditation involves drawing love into your life, approaching or even calling happiness into your life.

In Hinduism there is an ancient mantra - "Clim". According to the records, this mantra is capable of creating the attraction that love brings to a person's life. More often this mantra is used by men to attract a woman's love.

Such a mantra alters the vibrations of your energy. To begin the meditation, it is necessary to take a comfortable position, calm down and focus on the sounds of the mantra. Repeating the mantra, it is necessary to correctly pronounce it, the sound "and" should be drawn out. And during the repetitions, listen to the sounds of the mantra. Repeat order:

- repeat 6 times the mantra "Clim" on exhalation, at this moment it is necessary to focus on the dorsal chakra;

- repeat the mantra six more times, but the focus is already on the navel chakra;

- 6 repetitions on the solar plexus chakra;

- 6 repetitions on the heart chakra;

- 6 repetitions, throat chakra;

- the chakra of the third eye, 6 repetitions of the mantra;

- Crown chakra, 6 repetitions;

- once for the right eye chakra, one for the left eye;

- once for each of the hemispheres of the brain;

- once for each ear;

- once for each nostril;

- and one repetition, concentrating on the chakras of the mouth and tongue.

Thus, the mantra will have to resonate throughout the body.

Later in the evening it will be necessary to write the mantra "Clim" 108 or more times. The more times you write, the stronger the effect will be. While writing a mantra, also repeat it to yourself or out loud.

Meditation techniques for attracting a loved one to women

Meditation for attracting a loved one and happy events for women is to present yourself in a comfortable, heavenly place, among flowers or on the beach. It is necessary to be in a relaxed state and present the sounds of the surf, the sound of waves, pleasant sand and sun.

Imagine that you are the rays of energy. It is the energy of love that you are willing to give and receive. Then you need to imagine that a person approaches you. It is not necessary to focus a particular image, perhaps it's just a silhouette. It is necessary to feel the exchange of energy and the opening of the soul. The point is to take off the blocks and fears not to meet your love.

You may not realize that this prevents happiness. Clear out of doubt and direct your energy to happiness and love is helped by meditation. Happy events and love will begin to come into your life as soon as you fully reveal yourself in the readiness to receive these events. It is very important. Meditation to attract happiness to your life, a loved one, success will not have a special correct technique, excluding mistakes. If a person is not ready to accept with even gratitude even small pleasures, because he simply could not consider them, then he is not ready and fortunately.

Meditation is the path to self-knowledge, self-improvement, spiritual development. In this case, the saying "thoughts are material" is true. The best meditation is the one that is performed with an understanding of the essence of this process. It is necessary to believe with all my heart that love will come, most importantly, that you are ready for it.

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