Elegant and mysterious braid around the head

A long thick braid is the true symbol of femininity. Subconsciously, every man reacts to long healthy hair. Therefore, from time immemorial, a woman was charged with having a long braid. The braid around the head was first laid by the Greek. And nowadays this kind of weaving has again gained popularity. The spit is combined With any style, it looks good on any hair. Of course, the classic image of a virgin in a dress with a braid on her head is just perfect, but a woman in trousers with a similar hairstyle will not look any worse. On the contrary, the original feminine hair style softens the man's style in clothes. For some women, the braid around the head has become a way to get rid of the obligatory morning styling. If before you braid a scythe, to put on a clean hair a little means for styling, then the braid will retain an ideal appearance for several days.

To braid the braid around the head is very simple. All that is needed for this, there is in any house: a comb, invisible and a little means for styling. The braid around the head is plaited on freshly washed and slightly damp hair, on which it is necessary to apply mousse. Then the hair is combed and dried to the end. Each hair should be smooth, stitched locks are inadmissible. On hair, deprived of volume, it is necessary to make hairy at the roots. This will ensure the volume, splendor and attractiveness of the future hairstyle.

The braid around the head begins with strands behind the ears. The strand behind the right ear is divided into three parts. Then begins the weaving of an ordinary braid, into which the strands on the left and right are gradually added. The scythe wanders to the left ear. The result is a French braid around the head. Then, different hair styles are possible. You can finish on this weaving, fix the braid, and leave the remaining hair loose. Get a kind of bezel from the hair. You can continue the weaving of the French spit and bring it to the place from which the spit began. Then a hair ring will turn out on your head. Another option - to braid the scythe to the opposite side from the beginning, and then, together with the remaining hair, weave a regular braid. This is a simple, convenient and attractive option. It is interesting to look at the two braids passing along the sides of the center of the forehead. Also, you can whip two braids from different sides: one from the front, one from the back.

Sometimes hair, braided in braids, seems too strict, businesslike. But this deceptive impression can be removed by decorating the hair with flowers or hair jewelry. Some masters deliberately create the effect of sloppy weaving, releasing small strands and slightly fluffing the braid. This allows you to achieve the effect of lightness, simplicity, windiness.

Originality has always distinguished hairstyles. Weaving is freedom of imagination, which creates beauty. Here, every girl can show her temperament, but remain a mysterious mystery. The art of weaving hair is a centuries-old female handicraft created to captivate men. Modern women should not forget about this.

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