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Gyroscope with one wheel: advantages, reviews. Monoclean - the transport of the future

Vehicles do not cease to amaze modern residents. Giving the advantage to environmentally friendly specimens, an increasing number of supporters of practical options choose the ability to move using devices on the electric motor. Fans of hi-tech-novelties tend to use exclusive devices to overcome the distance within the city. They enthusiastically met the original gyroscope as an alternative to segway. Those who want to experience sharp impressions should definitely try Redmond Ruc-01 in action. Reviews of a unicycle miracle technique enthusiastic. This is a new word in urban transport, which faces a great future.

Experience new sensations from walking on the gyroscope

A compact and smart model allows you to enjoy driving on both a dirt road and an asphalt road. First, you need to turn on the electric motor and the built-in gyroscope responsible for balancing. After 1.5 seconds, the vehicle is ready for testing. The device can be mastered by everyone, although the lack of support is initially alarming. But once rolled, the pilot realizes the beauty of the novelty, which has positive reviews. Monomobile of Redmond Ruc-01 is a model that allows you to get the initial driving skills on a single-wheeled scooter.

Ease of management is provided by a competent balancing system, which stabilizes transport while driving. The device "obeys" the movements of the pilot's body: the forward tilt provides acceleration, and backward - speed reduction. The initial uncertainty disappears, giving way to the excitement of the opening possibilities of the novelty.

Advantages of a monocycle

The lucky ones who tested electric transport in action, are being told by flattering reviews. Mono-wheel deservedly claims the title of a popular urban vehicle of the very near future. The advantages of this model were appreciated by users, noting:

  • Small weight of the construction and compact dimensions, allowing to fold the unit and, taking the handle, drive in public transport, move to the room.
  • A fast and maneuverable gyro-controller allows you to move around in the streets of the city in a dense stream of cyclists and people. It is indispensable for sightseeing tours in parks and squares. Has unlimited possibilities in large office centers, supermarkets or warehouses.
  • Mono Wheel Redmond reviews are flattering, because an environmentally friendly mode of transport attracts residents of cities. Only 4 hours is spent charging the battery from an ordinary outlet. And 20 km is easily overcome.
  • Gyroskutter easily develops a speed of up to 16 km / h on the concrete surface, and up to 12 km / h on the ground cover.

Amazing reviews! Monoclean - the transport of the future

To acquire driving skills on a new vehicle, this model is ideal. Those taking the opportunity to ride a single-wheeled gyroscope are noted for their simplicity in management, which does not require special skills. The pilot easily maintains his balance and does not fall down while riding. The cost of the device is democratic. The owners of the marvelous transport leave only praiseworthy reviews. The monoclean is planned to be used in different spheres, with its help you can:

  • To have fun, arranging races on the ground;
  • To make a leisurely "walk" while enjoying the surrounding views;
  • Combine the route, harmoniously combining the ride on mono-wheel with trips on public transport.

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