"Boeing" represents self-cleaning restrooms in airplanes

A bright future ensures that you will no longer desperately avoid dirty public restrooms in airplanes on long-haul flights. "Boeing" presented a new project for self-cleaning the ladies' room, the essence of which is automatic disinfection after each use. Add to this the hands-free function - and we will get a much more comfortable place.

Principle of operation

The key to the concept is ultraviolet. The press release of the project explains that UV lamps are located throughout the area, and therefore the lavatory will be 99.99% protected from bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms using three-second radiation treatment.

"UV radiation destroys all known microbes, literally forcing them to explode," says Boeing Research & Technology engineer Jamie Childress in a statement.

Effects on humans

Although Boeing also says that this particular type of radiation is not harmful to humans, it will only be cleaned when it is closed and unoccupied. Automatism involves raising the toilet seat at the time of harvesting for absolute sterility.


This kind of automation can also be used in washrooms - for cleaning dryers, taps, handles, etc. It is even assumed that the water is treated with UV radiation. Engineers also built and a vacuum ventilation system in the project.


Although some of the hands-free functions are already implemented on the airplane, before the users can check on this project, some time must pass. A representative of Boeing said that there is no specific time frame, because even the prototype was just finished. But he added: "We are moving forward with the design and development of the concept."

Clean Lavatory, namely the name given to the project, became a finalist of the Crystal Cabin Award, having entered the top three. This is an international innovation award for the design of the aircraft. The winners will be announced on April 5th.

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