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Wooden shelves - stylish and functional furniture for home

Most people can not boast of spacious apartments, but, nevertheless, they want a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the house. There is a large number of interesting ways to correctly and tastefully use every square meter of your living space. For example, wooden shelving. To date, this piece of furniture is very popular, because it has an original appearance and does not take up much space in space. The types of shelving, the options for their design and the breadth of their functions are discussed further.

What racks are wooden, and what are they used for?

Shelves made of wood - a solid and roomy design, consisting of multi-tier shelves, which are fixed on the racks. The number of shelves and tiers is regulated depending on the room in which the rack is located, and on the functions that are assigned to it. This piece of furniture is used to store a wide variety of things: clothes, books, jewelry and accessories, dishes, toys and much more.

In which rooms wooden racks will look appropriate

Such a construction of wood, like a rack, will look harmonious in any interior and in any room. Particularly appropriate is the placement of it in a room where children live. This is due to the fact that even a child can easily get all the things he needs from the open shelves and put them back without problems. Thus, the rack will help maintain order and cleanliness in the room. In addition, you can choose an original and unusual design of the design, which will evoke in children bright and positive emotions.

Without wooden racks it is impossible to do in the office or living room. Because they can store books, folders with important documents and other necessary trivia. The choice of such furniture is very large, so it will not be difficult to choose a design that will be convenient to use. For example, for a study, it is better to choose wooden shelves on wheels. They are mobile, so you can easily move them to a convenient place for you.

An interesting solution

Furniture for storage is not only convenient, but also a useful element of the interior. With its help, you can divide the space into several zones: for rest and work. The rack, used as a partition, gives the room lightness and weightlessness. And also it does not create a closed effect and promotes the penetration of natural light into the separated zone.

Universal shelving

Such furniture is usually used in the dressing room or in the kitchen. A large number of shelves and built-in drawers ensure reliable storage and ergonomic use of the space provided. Suitable for dishes, clothes, and products.

Wooden shelves can be purchased ready-made, or can be ordered from the master for an individual project, which will most accurately meet all your requirements and the parameters of the room where the structures will be placed.

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