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Why do doctors advise you to use pine nuts during pregnancy?

Pine nuts in pregnancy - what's the use? Pregnancy is not only a pleasant and long-awaited, but also a restless period for both the future mother and her baby. The child, being in the womb of the mother, eats at the expense of what comes to him through the placenta. That is why it is necessary to add in advance the supplementary foods containing useful vitamins and microelements in advance, as now the future mother should receive food in double size and only harmless and vitamin-rich foods.
The list of useful products for pregnant women is very large, but among all the rest, nuts are most famous for their content of nutrients and amino acids. Literally 200 grams of nuts are enough to fill the daily rate of virtually all vitally important vitamins and nutrients. But it is worth considering that nuts are heavy food and pregnant women should not use them more than two tablespoons a day.

Pine nuts are a storehouse of vitamins and microelements

What kind of nuts are useful to pregnant women? The most popular cedar nuts, in pregnancy are considered the most vitaminized product. These nuts contain all the necessary substances and amino acids, which are so important for both the mother and her future baby. Pine nuts contain more protein than almost all kinds of meat. A protein, in turn, is saturated with various amino acids, for example, the most important of them is arginine. This element contributes to the growth and development of the child in the womb. Also, pine nuts during pregnancy will eliminate the lack of vitamins in both organisms: they contain vitamin E, vitally important for pregnant and nursing mothers, a whole complex of vitamins B, which are responsible for the development of the nervous system, for growth, for the composition of blood and for many other indicators. They exclude B-avitaminosis, and also contain iodine, zinc, silicon, calcium, phosphorus, manganese and other important microelements.

How to take pine nuts during pregnancy?

Pine nuts during pregnancy have a very positive effect on internal organs and, accordingly, on the state of health of the mother and child. In turn, cedar oil, if used externally, can bring the skin of a future mother into an excellent shape, make it more silky and elastic, which will help to eliminate postnatal stretch marks. Oil is also useful to take inside - it will help to exclude constipation and hemorrhoids, which so often surprise most pregnant women. It must be taken before eating a teaspoonful. Three times a day will be enough for the body of a pregnant woman. Also useful is a decoction from the shell of these miracle nuts, it will make the hair healthy and shiny if used as a conditioner immediately after washing the head.

Any other nuts during pregnancy will also positively affect the mother's organism and the development of the baby, because each of the nuts types is saturated with useful substances, but, nevertheless, pine nuts in pregnancy are the most effective way to fill the lack of any vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other microelements .

The magic given to us by nature

Pine nuts are the most vitamin-rich product, ideally suited for adding to the main daily diet not only pregnant women, who in this important life stage need so much more useful substances, but also any other people. These nuts are simply necessary for children (in the period of changing milk teeth to root and for strengthening the bones of a growing organism), for older people (for improving the work of the nervous, musculoskeletal and other systems), for men (for improving potency), for women (from infertility and With other gynecological diseases).

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