How to get to Abkhazia in different ways

Abkhazia is a narrow enough strip of land between the sea in the south and the mountain slopes of the Caucasian Range in the north. It is an amazing place with a mild and comfortable climate for a person from the middle belt. The mountains are covered here with dense relict coniferous forests, close to the sea itself. At the whim of geographical circumstances, the subtropics closest to Russia are located precisely on this small strip of the Black Sea coast. The question of how to get to Abkhazia is interesting for a large number of tourists from many Russian regions. Their flow in this direction is steadily growing every year. This small country lives mainly due to the reception of tourists, and therefore all visitors are welcome here. The overall level of prices here is one of the lowest among all resorts on the Black Sea coast. The main tourist infrastructure has been preserved here since Soviet times. In recent years, much has been done to restore and develop it.

How to get to Abkhazia from different cities of Russia

To get to Abkhazia, first you have to get to the city of Sochi. By air you will find yourself at the international airport of the famous resort, and by rail it is best to go to Adler station, territorially part of Greater Sochi. From Adler to overcome eight kilometers to the river Psou, which is the natural boundary of Abkhazia. The checkpoint at the border works around the clock. Planning a holiday on this shore and finding out the question of how to get to Abkhazia, it should be borne in mind that entry into this sovereign country for citizens of the Russian Federation is visa-free. It is necessary to have only a passport with you, it is indifferent - domestic or international. And a small amount of money for medical insurance. Passage of border and customs formalities usually takes about an hour, depending on the congestion of people at the checkpoint. On both sides of the border at your service are taxi drivers, ready to take passengers almost anywhere in a small country. The question of how to get to Abkhazia includes the end point in its territory, in which you aspire to get to. Identify with this geographical name is best beforehand and call it a taxi driver.

Abkhazia: how to get there by train to its capital

This can be done on the train, which is sent every morning from Adler in the direction of Sukhumi. And in the day most often an additional train goes to Gagry station. The schedule here sometimes varies depending on the number of passengers.

Abkhazia: How to get from Moscow without transfer

In this issue there are a number of interesting features. To get to Sukhumi without a transfer from Moscow it is possible from the Kursk railway station by train number 75/76. Only now, according to the schedule, he does not go there. The ticket should be taken to the station Vesyoloye in the last wagons. And already on the way the guide should buy an additional ticket to Sukhumi. The surcharge is from 300 to 600 rubles, depending on the type of car. The parking and customs clearance at the border takes about an hour.

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