How to take a loan for maternity capital

Not everyone knows that today many families have a unique opportunity - to get a loan for maternity capital. First of all, it concerns mainly those loan programs, thanks to which many families have a chance to solve their housing or "educational" problems.

How can we use maternity capital in order to purchase housing on credit? To begin with, it needs to be clarified that this allowance is given to the family as state support after the birth of the child, and also when the family has adopted the second child. According to the current legislation, the family can receive the received maternity capital only in three cases:

  • - increase the mother's pension at the expense of capital;
  • - pay for the child's education;
  • - to spend these funds on improving the living conditions of the family.

In connection with the sufficient time delay of the first two points, most Russians prefer to spend this capital on the latter.

Before asking the question "where to get a mortgage loan," you should familiarize yourself thoroughly with the terms of the provision of the parent capital, and how to use it. So, according to the Pension Fund, issuing certificates for this allowance, more than 75% of Russians usually use the received state material support to pay off the mortgage.

It is important to note that the family can dispose of this money and before the child turns 3 years old, that is, once the parents receive a certificate for the capital, they can immediately execute a mortgage or repay the loan taken earlier.

However, it should be noted that not all organizations that issue loans for the purchase of real estate, accept this allowance to pay the initial installment.

The use of credit for maternity capital and its funds as a mortgage loan can only be done in several ways:

- pay the first installment when buying a home;

- to pay for the already taken loan on real estate.

You can not cash this certificate, and all outgoing payments that are made with it must necessarily be targeted and non-cash. After this, the process of preparing the necessary documents for the banks that are required to apply for a mortgage is underway.

For many holders of the "maternity loan" certificate, the correct application of these funds becomes a contentious issue. It is forbidden to use them:

- to pay for repairs in a new apartment;

- to buy a new car;

- in order to take out a loan for business;

- use cash to buy any property;

- the use of all capital or any part thereof for the needs of the family.

For a family to be given a loan for maternity capital, and she could use this money for her own purposes, you must first obtain a certificate for this capital. To do this, it is required to collect all necessary documentation, contact the local branch of the FIU and write an application for its provision.

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