Advertising Under the Feet

A few years ago it seemed that advertising was already placed wherever possible, there was nowhere else to place it, but they came up with a new method - advertising on asphalt. This advertisement exists due to a gap in the legislation, in no law this advertisement is not regulated or prohibited. There is no responsibility for this. This is what advertising companies use.

Advertising on the asphalt appeared in the capital, and then in other cities. Advertising for pedestrians, as it is sometimes called a joke. Logos and pointers, as well as company labels, we can see under your feet. Although this business is young, but on the asphalt near the metro stations there is no place for a clean one. The whole space is an advertisement - announcement of upcoming concerts, photographer's services and other announcements underfoot.

And the demand generates a proposal - traditional methods of advertising require large expenses - a billboard in a good place is very expensive, for one hundred thousand rubles a month, and often a "rollback" is required, since without it a billboard in a good place will be occupied by another company, and you Will not offer a "delicious" place. And advertising on the asphalt for this money can be written in the literal sense of the whole area and it will hold up to six months.

But often orders from advertising agencies are modest, in the region of ten or thirty thousand rubles, but there are also large orders that reach a million rubles, but they are very rare. But these are isolated cases, although more and more often the medium and large businesses think about placing advertisements on asphalt, which means that the peak has not yet reached the peak, and everything is yet to come.

After all, the effectiveness of this advertising is proven by experience. For the test, an advertisement was placed with a phone that was not previously indicated, people called and orders were made. These orders not only repulsed the cost of advertising, but also brought a good profit to the advertiser. The experiment was held in two thousand and twelve in Moscow and he confirmed that this advertising works and it is effective.

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