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How to quickly check the quality of products in the store and at home

There are many ways to check the quality of food that we eat every day. Unfortunately, in most cases it can only be done by professionals using special equipment. Nevertheless, we found several ways to check products that you can use at home or even in a supermarket.

A hen

Pay attention to the white stripes and thick layer of fat on the chicken breasts. This means that farmers used growth hormones so that the chickens quickly gain weight. Such meat will be harmful to your health.

It is also very important to pay attention to the color of the chicken: if it is yellowish, then the meat is not too fresh. Raw chicken breasts should be pink and not too soft.

Cottage cheese

A drop of iodine will help you check if your starch contains starch. If the manufacturers added it to this dairy product, the iodine stain will turn dark blue, if not, it will remain yellow or brown.

To check the quality of the cottage cheese, it can also be left at room temperature (a small amount). If the producers added vegetable fats to it, it will turn yellow. Fresh cottage cheese after this test can become sour, but will not change color.


Pour a little honey on the plate. Fake honey easily drains from a spoon and immediately spreads over the surface of the plate. High-quality has a dense structure and pours a thin trickle.

If you feel caramel flavor, then honey has already been warmed up. If it is too sweet, sellers could add sugar to it.

Sour cream

To check if sour cream contains vegetable fats, place a small amount of sour cream in a glass of hot water. A poor quality product will begin to break down into white flakes. The real sour cream will become a homogeneous liquid.

Frozen vegetables, berries and fruits

Check if there is snow or ice in the frozen food package. They indicate that the vegetables or fruit were not properly stored. Choose only those packages of products that do not contain excess ice.

A fish

When buying fresh fish, pay attention to her eyes and gills. Eyes should not be cloudy, and gills dimmed. In healthy fresh fish, the gills are always bright red. In addition, fish scales should have a natural metallic shade, and scales should be tightly attached to the body.


When choosing meat, press it with your finger. Fresh meat should be elastic enough that your prints on it are not saved. Cut a piece of meat in half: if it is dark, but has white outlines, it means that manufacturers tried to extend its shelf life with additives. Also you can rub it with a dry paper towel. Fresh meat should not leave too much moisture and blood.


When picking greens in a store, it's worth picking it up. If the leaves are hanging on the sides, then it has already begun to wither. In addition, too dark color and long stems indicate the content of nitrates. Fresh herbs always have a natural green color.


You can easily check the cheese for vegetable fat content. This product will disintegrate when you try to cut it (it does not apply to hard cheese types, such as cheddar), and it will dry quickly if left unboxed.

Leave some cheese at room temperature. A high-quality product will only become softer. If the cheese dries or moisture appears on it, it is better to discard such a product.

Ice cream

Leave your favorite ice cream at room temperature. If vegetable fats are added to it, it will remain frozen longer, and after melting turn into liquid. Ice cream, made from quality ingredients, after melting will turn into a thick white creamy substance.

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