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The content of the movie "Double Life": a brief description of all series

The general content of the movie "Double Life" is divided into several periods in which the plot changes and important events for the heroes occur. This series in realistic tones tells about the life of a simple, happy family, where at one point everything collapsed because of the catastrophe that happened.

The beginning of history

In the center of the plot at the beginning of the picture is the Ershov family. The content of the movie "Double Life" at the time of the tie is connected with them. All seventeen years Katya and Mark found a common language and happily lived in a cozy house, although officially they were not married. Suddenly, at work, a man experiences a catastrophe. Mark perishes, and Katya remains alone in the apartment. After the death, the police find out the circumstances of the fact that he was painted with another woman named Nina. She, in turn, also did not know about the existence of Katya, because Marry married her exactly one year ago and all this time she did not tell her anything. The main character opens a difficult truth to the children and tries to keep in touch with Nina. Together they are trying to find out the reason for such a deed of Mark, but against this background they often have conflicts. Even about the funeral of the ex-husband, women can not come to an agreement.

The development of the plot

Against the background of the conflict with Nina, Katya begins to suspect that Mark left her without money. Since this woman was the official wife of a man, the court could recognize her as heiress. Fortunately, Mark left a testament in the event of an unforeseen death. The content of the film "Double Life" at this stage of the plot shows that luck accompanies Catherine. It was to her children that the illegitimate husband left all the property. Upon learning about this, Nina decides to take care of her own career and arrangement of life. Not entirely honest methods a woman manages to take the post, which previously worked as a colleague. It would seem that everything is getting better with the heroines, but then the son of Katya Cyril starts calling Nina constantly from the phone of her deceased husband. Eventually he enters the apartment and leaves an indecent letter on the wall. The girl in a panic and accuses in this act Katya, who knows nothing. A new conflict is developing between them.

Problems with personal life

Let's continue to disclose the content of the movie "Double Life". Next on the forefront are family problems and love affairs. Cyril continues to commit unimaginable actions in school. Teachers recommend that a mother write it down to a psychotherapist to help cope with the trauma from losing her father. At this time, the teacher of Kirill Andrey understands that he is in love with Katya, and tells about this to Roman. At the friend too problems with Nina, after all she does not wish to connect a life with the new person. She wants a child, and if Roman agrees to become a father, then they will begin to build relationships. The content of the series "Double Life" shows how the relationship unfolds between the two pairs. Andrew wants intimacy, but Katya is not going to hurry, because for her in the first place - children. Roman increasingly becomes addicted to Nina, they begin to meet, and Katya will find out about this.

Final episodes

Ekaterina gets a job as a nurse and wants to restore her nurse diploma in order to work further in this direction. At this time, Nina throws Roman, and the child is going to get it from the donor. In her new work, Catherine meets Ilya, and between them warm relations immediately arise. Against this background, she realizes that she does not like Andrei and must admit it to him. This fact becomes known in the finale. The film "Double Life", the summary of which is presented in the article, is full of events. Roman tries to return Nina's location to herself, and Katya leaves her job. Now she wants to go abroad to her sister in order to start a new life there.

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