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General Model of Search Engine Promotion

It makes no sense that this article takes the form of a scientific report, so it is worthwhile to give a simple example. Suppose there is a site for commerce, which deals with providing manicure services. The desire of the client is the output of the site, which he owns, on the homepage in the Google search engine with several basic queries.

In this case, the main task is to find all sorts of queries related to the search, to carry out their analysis, based on information on the statistics of the issuance of Google, as well as scrupulous study of existing competition. Thus, the selection of the main requests, the promotion of which will be most effective in a fast time. It should be noted that any word (word combination) and even a letter can have some meaning and be decisive. Customers will be able to visit the site using basic inquiries. The result of the work is the so-called. A semantic core that contains a variety of basic queries.

Then work is carried out, related to the writing of texts. These texts are adapted just for selected basic queries. When the site is promoted to Google, the meaning of these texts will be decisive.

It should be added that different kinds of activities are carried out with an external network environment. There are some sort of donor sites on which special articles are placed. These articles have many working links to the main site. The articles give a lot of information on how the promoted site works. It is worth remembering that serious differences on topics are unacceptable for donor sites, and, as far as possible, these sites should not be an obstacle to the untwisted site. Naturally, the process of website promotion is not described in depth, but the analysis of events is quite accurate. In fact, this is the promotion of the site in the Google search engine .

After a certain time interval, the process of occurrence of pages of the untwisted site will begin. This occurrence will occur strictly in accordance with the main requests issued by the Google search engine. It should be added that in future the quality of the site and its service will directly affect the rating positions of the site when the search results are published. Conditionally they can be called "manicure services".

It would be superfluous to add that the site will be visited exclusively by those users who will be directly interested in this service. An important aspect is the lack of payment necessary to stay at the head of the rating.

Promotion by the search method is optimal for the price and the most convenient method of website promotion ( The advantage of this method is that, when used, there is no need to invest a significant amount of money. The most important thing is to competently select the basic requests. Therefore, the initial stage of promotion is very important.

Conclusion: the successful promotion of the site by the search method can improve the efficiency of the business.

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