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Robert Culp: biography, filmography and interesting facts

There are few actors who have played in so many television series and feature films, as the famous American actor Robert Culp. For a career of 57 years, he delighted fans with his work in 135 projects in the movies and on TV. Among them were roles that were remembered by viewers living far beyond the United States. In this case, many Russians who enjoyed watching the series "Colombo" with his participation, even the name Robert Culp is unfamiliar.

Robert Culp: biography in his young years

The future actor was born on August 16, 1930 in Oakland, USA. He was the only child in the well-to-do family of lawyer Crozier Cordell Calpa and his wife Bethel Martin.

While studying at a secondary school in Berkeley, the future actor seriously engaged in sports and was a prize-winner of the State of California for pole vaulting. After receiving the certificate Robert Kulp entered the drama school of the University of Washington, and then continued his education at the private college Pacific in Stockton.

Carier start

Culp Robert became famous in the United States at a fairly young age, taking part in the filming of the popular TV series "Trackdown". There he got the role of a charming and honest ranger, Hobi Gilman, who becomes a sheriff and bravely fights against criminals.

Possessing the appearance of a "typical" white American of Anglo-Saxon origin, Robert could not be better suited to create the images of "good guys" in westerns. That's why, after a successful debut in the next decade, he was invited to the role of heroes from the Wild West, with whom he coped simply brilliantly.

"I'm spying"

The most famous in the career of Robert Kalpa was a project in which the actor came along with a black partner - the famous comedian Bill Cosby. The series was called "I'm a Spy" and was on US television screens from 1965 to 1968. In it, Kalp got the role of secret agent Kelly Robinson, hiding under the guise of a professional tennis player. In addition, he showed himself in a new capacity, writing scenarios for seven episodes, and also acted as a director of one of the series. For his acting, Kalp was nominated for Emmy, but he was circumvented by Bill Cosby 's project partner .

Participation in the series "Colombo"

In the 90s this series enjoyed immense popularity in our country. It was thanks to him that Culp became known to Russian audiences. He played in three episodes the role of the murderer, who is neutralized by the hero of Peter Falk, and in one - the father of two young brothers-criminals.

The role of Bill Maxwell

In 1981, Robert Culp, whose films, with pleasure, watched and sung a few generations of Americans, appeared to the audience as a fearless FBI agent in the fantastic television series "The Greatest American Hero." His character - Bill Maxwell - won the hearts of not only residents of the United States, but also France, Italy and several other countries. Showing the series lasted 3 years, the picture was a wild success. By the way, a few years later, Kulp voiced his hero in the comic animated series "Robotsyp."

Other jobs

The Russian spectator remembers Kalpa and the confused detective "The Case of the Pelicans", where he starred with such movie stars as Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington, playing the role of President of the United States.

Despite the fact that the actor was born long before the computer era, he was open to everything new and gladly voiced video games: Half-Life, Voyeur, etc. Kalp also starred in Emilem's Guilty Conscience video.

In 1994, the actor appeared in front of the audience in a nostalgic picture "I'm a spy: return." In it, Kalp and Cosby again appeared in the roles of their famous characters Robinson and Scott, for the first time since 1968. In addition, their duo took part in a television show, where they played people who dream of becoming spies.

The last films with the participation of the actor were the films "Love for freedom", "Santa Killer", "Kompromat" and "Hunger".

Personal life

Culp Robert Martin for his life was married to five women, became the father of 3 sons and 2 daughters. The eldest son of actor Joshua was born in 1958, and the youngest daughter of Samantha - in 1982. In 1967-1970, his wife was Franco-Vietnamese actress Frans Nuijen, with whom he co-starred in the movie "I'm a spy."


In the last years of his life, Kalp loved to walk around the park, which is located on the Hollywood hills of Los Angeles, next to the actor's house. On the morning of March 24, 2010, he left his apartment to walk on his alleys. After a while, a casual passerby found Kalpa lying unconscious on one of the paths of the park with a wound in his head. He called the police and ambulance. The actor was taken to the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, but all the efforts of resuscitators to save his life gave no result. At 11:00 in the morning the doctors stated death from a heart attack. At that time, Robert Calp was 79 years old.

April 10, 2010 in the building of the Egyptian Theater of Los Angeles held a civil requiem for the actor, who, in addition to relatives and friends, came to his many admirers. Robert Culp was buried in the Sunset View Cemetery in El Cerrito, California.

Incomplete projects

Despite his considerable age, until the last days of his life, Robert Culp was in demand in his profession. Shortly before his death, he completed work on the role of the second plan in the film "Appointment." In addition, the actor was in the process of writing several screenplays. One of them is the adaptation of the film "Terri and Pirates". This work Culp loved from childhood, and his adaptation was his long-standing dream. Unfortunately, he did not manage to implement it, although there was already an agreement with one of the Hong Kong television studios, and the veteran actor had to participate in the project not only as a screenwriter, but also as a director.

Robert Culp: Filmography

As already mentioned, the actor played a role in 135 paintings. Among them there are recognized hits, and inconspicuous, as well as failed work. Among the most famous films of Robert Martin Kalpa is usually called:

  • "Trackdown" (70-serial television series in the style of western);
  • "Bonanza" (one of the longest and most successful television projects in the history of American television);
  • "Western" (filmed in 1959);
  • "Out of the Law" (TV series-western, 1960);
  • "PT-109" (1963, the role of a friend of the young JF Kennedy - George Barney Ross);
  • "Reno" (was released in 1964);
  • "Name for Evil" (1973);
  • "The Case of Pelicans" (released in 1992, the role of the President of the United States);
  • "Celestial Riders" (action-thriller, 1976);
  • "Almost boys" (2004, the role of the colonel);
  • "Turk 182" (1985);
  • "Everyone loves Raymond" (1998);
  • "Dark Summer" (2000, the role of J. Mack Namar);
  • "Kill Santa Claus" (2005, the role of grandfather).

Now you know who Calp Robert is. His biography is a story about a big hard worker who devoted himself to movies and television and enjoyed working until the last day of his long enough life.

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