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The cute guy Bill Cosby and his dark side

It is only necessary to mention the date of birth of the future comedian and a black American named Bill Cosby (1937), and it becomes clear about the difficulties and privations of this person in childhood. At that time, most of his peers knew how to grow in poverty.

School of Cynicism

Cosby could be extended to allowance, but the head of the family heavily drank and complicated the situation of his children and his wife. Later he will be called to serve in the American Navy, and Bill Cosby's eldest son will be the main one in the family. He will replace his father for his brothers. The future actor and humorist was one of four children, he looked after the other three, while my mother earned cleaning houses. Therefore, the death of one of the brothers at the age of 8 fell on his shoulders.

It is not difficult to understand how all these circumstances in the boy brought up an independent character and formed a strong personality.

Too early had to rely on their strength in life. Also, the struggle for survival taught the guy ultimate cynicism, and this quality will come in handy later on stage during performances in the genre of standup. Bill Cosby confronted the public with reality and received for it from her recognition.

Cosby in the frame

On television, Cosby was noted by several projects in the form of author's evening shows. Among them is worth noting:

1. "Bill Cosby's Show" was aired in 1969. It will last no longer than 2 years.

2. More than 10 years later, in the 80's, he revived attempts to create a successful own project on television. And he will succeed. The new "Cosby Show" is becoming one of the most popular and demanded humorous projects.

Also in the track record of a comedian named Bill Cosby films with a loud name indicate his acting ability. In the period between two television projects in 1974 he accepts an invitation to shoot "Return to Oz". Further, he also had "Leonard the sixth" and "Papa - a ghost." Later he will act in the film "Jack" and then in the new millennium in 2002 he will be seen on the big screen in "Comedian".

Also, the comedian never disdained participation in the most ordinary TV commercials. He has repeatedly received awards for acting and a musical career. Among such awards: rehearsal of "Oscar" - "Golden Globe", musical Olympus "Grammy" and for serial projects "Emmy". By the way, he is connected with the series by a project about him called "Cosby".

Only his choice

The main secret of the success of this man fits in two facts of his biography even before the first career successes. As a young man, he makes rebellious steps against persuasions and prohibitions - first he fled from school to the army, or rather to the fleet. The guy enlisted in the Navy in the footsteps of his father. And later instead of college chooses humorous performances on stage. He makes people laugh in the genre of standup. After the service, he had an excellent prospect for entering college. For a poor family with an alcoholic father, this opportunity was seen as very tempting. It is not hard to imagine how the relatives of the future American idol were sorting through the possible occupations next to Bill Cosby's name. They saw him as a lawyer or a doctor, a bank employee, and others.

But the guy easily tolerates the pressure of close people and decides without education to drive with his humor in search of a grateful audience.

Not such a nice guy

Bill succeeded. A guy with time not only gets out of poverty - he becomes an idol in the country and gets the nickname "American Daddy". But later the legendary and now elderly comedian lost all credibility in several lawsuits.

Since then, any joke about Bill Cosby or the mention of him has already become ambiguous. And no one is in a hurry to call him an American dad.

A model of a nice and conflict-free guy was suspected of mass rapes with dozens of victims. Many of them were ready to testify against the legend. Women achieve justice in the years after the crime - then at the peak of popularity it was almost untouchable. Only in 2014 the truth erupted violently with the general public.

In the proceedings, the details of the case were clarified - the comedian had poured a psychotropic drug for women to suppress the will to drink. After that, he easily inclined the victim to sexual intercourse. Cosby also paid the girls for silence.

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