What are baths: types and photos

In today's world, there are a lot of different baths. They differ not only in design, organization of interior space and color, but also in conditions during the procedure. It is the ratio of temperature and humidity that distinguishes one or another bath in a separate form.

This is a very useful procedure. But visiting a steam room should be like a person. Only in this case it is expedient. To choose for yourself a suitable type of procedure, you need to find out what kind of baths are. This will be discussed in the article.


When studying the question of what kind of baths are, one should first of all talk about the microclimate of the steam room. This classification is one of the main. After all, it depends on the microclimate, whether a person will be comfortable inside. To date, there are 5 main types of baths according to the type of environmental impact on the body.

The first of them is a steam bath. It is characterized by a soft microclimate. The temperature here is not very high (total to 45 ° C), and the humidity ranges from 90 to 100%.

The second type of microclimate is inherent in the steam sauna. Humidity here is quite high (45-60%), but the temperature is already much higher. It reaches 60-70 ° C. Steam under these conditions settles on the skin, forming a thin water film. In these conditions, the body warms up more.

The third type is a dry sauna. There is no steam in it, but the temperature is much higher (up to 110 ° C).

The fourth kind of microclimate is called a wet sauna. This is a slightly transformed dry sauna. The temperature here is quite high (up to 95 ° C), but the humidity is artificially increased. To do this, sprinkle stones on the stones. This is one of the most extreme and unsafe options for the microclimate.

The fifth type is a water bath. As a matter of fact it is a hot bath. The water is heated to 50 ° C.

Method of increasing temperature

In the above varieties, the temperature is increased by special adaptations. The steam bath is heated by pipes with water, which are laid under different surfaces of the room.

In other types of paired furnaces can be used. They also differ in the device and the principle of heating.

What are the furnaces for the bath, should be considered in more detail. Steam sauna uses a brick indoor heater. Sometimes a metal oven is used, which is lined with a stone casing. In a dry and humid sauna, metal types of heaters are used. To prevent the temperature from falling quickly, stones are laid inside the iron crate. They collect heat and give it to space for a long time.

The water bath uses a wood-burning metal oven. It is in a barrel of water.


Considering the question of what kind of baths are (the photo is presented below), it is necessary to say about the way to maintain the moisture level for each type of microclimate. In a steam bath, the humidity increases to the desired level with the help of boilers (or steam generators), which are arranged outside the walls. The floor, sunbeds are tiled here with tiles, which also evaporates water under the influence of heat.

Steam sauna involves increasing the level of moisture by pouring water on the glowing stones of the oven. Sometimes a boiler with water is put on the heater. In a dry sauna, on the contrary, steam is not formed. You can slightly raise the humidity, if you pour a small portion of water on the stove. Wet sauna uses the same procedure, but on a large scale. Every 30 min. 0.5 liters of water is poured onto the stones.

In a water bath, steam does not affect the person. The body warms up only with the help of hot water.

Russian sauna

Having considered the main characteristics of the microclimate, it is necessary to say a few words about the popular varieties of baths. Each person in choosing his own type of steam room will be interested in knowing what bath plans are, how they are called and how the whole procedure is going on.

The first, the most popular in our country, is a Russian bath. She has a dressing room where you can change and relax. Next is the main room. It corresponds to the type of microclimate called "steam sauna".

During the procedure, warm water is poured on the stones. In this case, you need to stay away from the window of the stove. Otherwise, steam can burn. Inside there are 3-4 wooden shelves. And, of course, in the steam room there must be a broom. They are soared, enhancing the positive effect of staying in the steam room.

Finnish sauna

The second most popular in our country is the Finnish sauna. It is built of light wood. The room is quite large. You should pay attention to the very word "sauna", considering what kind of baths are. The names of the microclimate, which were given earlier, contain it in a number of cases. In Finland, a sauna is called their special bath. But today this word has densely entered into domestic life.

In the sauna, the procedure takes place at low or medium steam levels. Initially it was a dry bath, but today even Finns like to pour hot stones with a little water.

The lower the humidity inside the room, the higher the temperature can be injected during the procedure. Dry microclimate is well tolerated by people with high blood pressure. But with diabetes, atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, visiting a Finnish sauna is strictly prohibited.

Hammam - steam bath

The Turkish bath is called a hammam. Here the type of microclimate prevails, which is called the steam bath. In its form it resembles a palm. A round room in the center is a bath. The corridors leading to it are like fingers. On them, visitors can get into different pairs. They maintain a different temperature. Visitors pass all the premises.

Next, you need to go into the room with sunbeds. They differ from those used in the Russian and Finnish saunas. Studying varieties of paired, you can not say what kind of shops for a bath. In the hammam they are heated. They are made of stone, decorated with mosaic.

After a good warm-up, a person can go further into a room with the lowest temperature. Here he is given a massage. Then the visitors wash and go to the pool.

Japanese bath

Considering what types of baths are, you can not say about the exotic ofuro. In Japan, when bathing, preference is given to hot water. If it's a public bath, it's called santo. Here people come to talk, meet with friends. They relax in the pool with hot water (the temperature reaches 40-50 ° C). The benches here are also in the water. Bath with the same principle of action, but for home use, is called ofuro.

Before visiting such a procedure, you need to be washed under a hot shower. Water should not be above the breast level. The head is put on a cap, which is periodically moistened with cold water. The procedure lasts no more than 10-15 minutes.

Taking ofuro, you can add orange peel, salt of thermal springs. The Japanese believe that in such a bath a person is cleansed not only physically, but also spiritually.

Infrared sauna

Having considered what kind of baths there are, one can not fail to pay attention to one of the new varieties. This is an infrared sauna. Its popularity is explained by its small size and the way it affects the body. The bilge in which the procedure is performed can be very small.

The infrared heater acts on the surface of the cabin and the human body. The emitters are located in a special way. This allows infrared rays to penetrate under the skin up to 4 cm, to reach very deep layers. With ordinary heating, this effect can not be achieved.

Stimulated liquid circulation in tissues, blood circulation. The muscles are trained, the elasticity of the vessels increases, and the tissues are saturated with oxygen. But the positive effect will become visible only after several procedures. During the session, the body needs a lot of drinking. Sweat should be wiped with a towel. Otherwise, infrared rays can not penetrate deeply into the body. Having considered what kind of baths are, you can choose the best option for yourself.

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