BMW X3, reviews and features

BMW X3 - luxury car, five-door five-crossover, which the German company BMW produces since 2003. In 2010, the second generation of these SUVs was introduced, which differ from their predecessors in size, updated design and assembly. The car exists in several modifications, differing in the volume of the engine and the type of gearbox.

BMW X3: specifications

This car has quite impressive dimensions. Its length is 456.9 cm, height 167.4, and width 185.3 cm. The maximum possible total mass of the crossover with cargo and passengers is 2355 kg. In the modification of the BMW X3 1.8d AT the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.3 seconds. The maximum speed to which it can be accelerated is 195 km / h. For 100 km driving along the highway the car will spend 5.2 liters of fuel. When driving through the streets of the city this figure is 7.9 liters, and on a mixed cycle - 6.2 liters.

BMW X3: reviews

The advantages of this luxury car can be told endlessly. First of all, this is reliability. Most buyers do not face any serious breakdowns during 3-4 years of operation of the car (except occasionally occurring factory defects). Perfect controllability is another advantage of the BMW X3 crossover. Reviews of its owners indicate that the car is very responsive to the steering wheel turns, perfectly keeps the road, even at high speeds. The trunk of the decent sizes - a minimum of 550 liters, a maximum of 1560 - allows to transport large and volumetric cargo without effort. Separately, many note the work of the gearbox, which switches very smoothly, without any delays, jerks, jolts, no noise and crackling.

Another advantage - this German car is not afraid of Russian frosts. Without any additional warm-up, it is started from one turn at a temperature below -30 degrees. Excellent dynamics: the car at a traffic light instantly breaks off and rushes. Good brakes that react sensitively to pressing and immediately stop the SUV even on a slippery road. A good landing, a broad view - another advantage of the BMW X3. The owners' testimonials also attest to the high quality of the paint coating, which does not crack and crack for no apparent reason and can easily withstand a slight mechanical damage. Excellent work climate control, quickly and silently setting the desired temperature at any time of year at any temperature overboard the car.

Many owners praise the high ground clearance of the BMW X3. The testimonies indicate that this prestigious car will not be frightened and the ruts on the country roads in the mudslides, and the high snowdrifts in winter. There are no problems with parking and driving on uneven roads: the crossover does not catch asphalt either the bottom or the bumper.

Against the backdrop of the merits of the car, its shortcomings seem a trifle. For example, some note the wide, outstanding in the side thresholds, for which at first they will constantly cling to their feet and get dirty pants. As a result of excellent handling - a fairly stiff suspension, allowing you to feel bumps and potholes on the roads. And if the front seat ride is still tolerant, then the rear passengers throws quite palpably.

Quite a high price - although the car, of course, is worth the money that it is asked for by car dealers, the average buyer will not be able to afford the BMW X3. The testimonials also show that if models with a minimum engine capacity can still be considered economical, then more powerful ones consume fuel very noticeably. Plastic in the cabin does not look expensive, sometimes there are tapping and crunching when driving.

In general, the BMW X3 is a comfortable, reliable and prestigious car that can serve as a benchmark for many other brands and brands.

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