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What is KVN? Club of cheerful and resourceful

Everything is known about what KVN is. The World Game, in which not only young people, but also older humorists take part, ranks first among all comedy TV shows. The KVN team of the Russian Federation participates in games with other countries. For someone from humorists, it's just entertainment, and for someone with age it turns into a profession.

What is KVN?

The most popular TV show with a humorous bias at the moment is the first on TV. This game is played by young children, teenagers and adults. About what KVN is and how it deserved popularity, you can say a lot. But every inhabitant of the planet knows that this is a good way to have a great evening and laugh heartily.

Universities, enterprises, various educational institutions have the opportunity to take part in KVN. The higher league accepts only the best players, giving them more motivation to create new jokes and improve performances. Miniatures, skits and interesting numbers the guys create on their own and this will amuse a lot of people around the world. The main competitions are:

  1. Business card. The team of participants is given a specific topic, from which they must present themselves, as well as their own city. Of course, all this should be in a humorous way.
  2. Warm up. The jury, rivals and people from the audience ask certain questions, to which the participants should find the most ridiculous answer in a short time.
  3. Homework (from 3 to 7 minutes the team must submit a story, invented independently, with musical inserts).
  4. Competition of one song (the final stage, where the participants choose absolutely any song, remake it to a humorous mood and present to the audience).

In addition, there are also video contests, as well as biathlon and triathlon. But they are not used in every game. Although the rules in them are just as cruel and cope with them will be only professionals in their field.

The prototype of the transfer

Some time before the moment when the Club of Merry and Inventive came out on the screens, there was such a program called "Evening of gay questions". Here questions were asked to viewers and jury members, and, of course, humor was judged. In Soviet times, it was the most popular and fun program that everyone liked to watch, and many would like to take part in it.

Despite the fact that this program was very popular, it only aired three times. The hosts decided to hold an interesting contest, where the audience had to visit the studio in a fur coat and with the New Year's newspaper of last year. But, unfortunately, they forgot to say about the newspaper when announcing the competition, so the next day the hall was filled with a huge number of people in winter outerwear. After this moment the confusion started and the program was closed.

Humorous TV shows at any time were in the first place for family circles who like to spend time together. Therefore, the KVN and its prototype won a really big popularity.


Albert Axelrod was the first to lead the Club of merry and resourceful, but three years later he left the game. After him, the place of the host took Alexander Maslyakov. At that time he broadcast not one, but together with the announcer Svetlana Zhiltsova. It was after the arrival of the new host in the game KVN began to compete teams.

Under uncertain circumstances, the transfer was closed due to the incomprehensible pressure of the Ministry on the organizers, but soon the game was restored and began to gain popularity. There is only one presenter left - Alexander Maslyakov. Initially, he came to the game as a student, but now he is already an experienced presenter and humorist.

Rules of the game

Unforced and fairly simple rules operate in the game. Each KVN team must consist of more than two people, and one of them must be a captain. The leader of the game independently comes up with contests, adding new ones over time, in which all teams must take part.

Participants must joke in each of these competitions and receive jury ratings (from 1 to 5). As a result of each competition, the average score is displayed. Then they are summed up. And, accordingly, the team with the greatest result wins.

Famous participants

All the young spectators and teams are interested in what kind of participants were in the first years of the KVN. The Major League is really proud of these people, as the hall always burst into laughter as they enter the stage.

  • In the period between 1960-80, the memorable players were Yuli Gusman, Leonid Yakubovich, Gennady Khazanov, Arkady Inin, Mikhail Zadornov.
  • In the 80 years the people were mixed with Valdis Pelsh, Mikhail Marfin, Sergei Sivokho, Alexander Gurevich.
  • Since the 90s, Tatiana Lazareva, Garik Martirosyan, Alexander Pushnoy, Andrei Rozhkov, Dmitri Brekotkin have become popular.
  • At the beginning of the 21st century, Timur Batrudinov, Alexander Revva, Igor Kharlamov, Mikhail Galustyan, Pavel Volia, Timur Rodriguez, Natalia Yprikyan were remembered on the stage.
  • In recent years, the public was delighted with the appearance on the stage of such actors as Olga Kortunkova, Dmitry Kolchin, Igor Lastochkin, Azamat Musagaliyev, Maxim Kiselev, Ivan Abramov, Denis Dorokhov, Dmitry Kozhoma and many others.

Special Games

In KVN, the first time to play is always scary for each participant, because a huge number of people are difficult to perceive calmly. But it never stopped the guys, and they still continued to go on stage, to amuse the audience and get points.

In addition to the main games, there were also additional, that is, special ones:

  1. "Vocalist KiVin" is a music festival.
  2. Birthday of the game KVN.
  3. Summer Cup.

Each of the additional games brought a storm of emotions to both the spectators and the team members. Then the best players took part in a certain time, so jokes were always ridiculous, and the public did not have sad expressions of faces.


What is KVN without champions and favorites? The Premier League, the First League, the CML-League, the Pacific League and the League of Siberia can boast those people who really deservedly received awards.

  • In 2003, KVN team "Region-13" from Saransk and "Left Bank" from Krasnoyarsk became champions.
  • In 2004 and 2005 the best were "Maximum" from Tomsk and Moscow's "Megapolis".
  • The year 2006 was subdued by the participants of the team "Station" Sportivnaya "from Moscow.
  • In 2007 Samara team SOK became popular.
  • In 2008 the best position was for the guys from Smolensk "Triode and Diode".
  • In the years 2009-2010. "Parapaparam" from Moscow, "the Minsk Sea" from Minsk and the Irkutsk State University from Irkutsk took the championships.
  • In 2012, the champions were "Fiztech" from Dolgoprudny, "Asia MIX" and "Boomerang".
  • The year of 2013 surprised "Saratov", team of MFBA, "Scotch".
  • 2014-2015 were the hottest, and the champions were the national team of Georgia, "Hara Morin", the team of the Tula region, the team of the Sunrise and "People".

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