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Contradictory reviews. "Hangman" - horror without innovative frills

The horror film "The Hangman" is another youth horror with a rather predictable plot that keeps the spectator in suspense all the timing, leaving after watching the feeling of satisfaction. Practically every person has some kind of obsessive fears. Few of those watching will leave indifferent the fate of the characters of the tape that are trapped, and their lives are threatened by an unseen and invisible force. "Hangman" - a film that successfully plays on the phobias of the layman.

Where we have already seen ...

Despite the fact that the responses of the "Hangman" got mixed, critics noted the well-established creative union of the creators of the film - young Chris Lofing ("Cross") and Travis Cluff. In addition to them, Jason Bloom worked on the picture, and he already made enough bloody mystical horror films, such as "Paranormal phenomenon", "Uigi: Devil Board", "Death Room", "Astral". Nevertheless, the "Hangman" cardinally differs from the paintings listed above. "Hangman" - a film partially captured in the genre of mokyumentari, i.e. In a pseudo-documentary style. And some of his moments are very similar to the horror of 1999 "The Witch of Blair." It is possible that Travis Cliff and Chris Lofing was inspired by this film of the 90s, spodvinuvav to create a similar, but more sophisticated in terms of mystic plot.


Four of the main characters - high school students Pfeiffer (Pfeiffer Brown), Reese (Reese Mishler), Cassidy (Cassidy Gifford) and Ryan (Ryan Schus), according to the narrative story, happen on the night before the premiere of a dark theatrical performance within the school. Cassidy and Ryan tried in every possible way to dissuade Rize, who is to play the role of a hanged man, from participating in the play. The fact is that this play was once staged by the school theatrical circle, but during its show a terrible tragedy occurred. The pupil, the performer of the main role, died. Reese, realizes that he lacks acting skills and dramatic talent, especially since the guy can not get rid of the scaffold fear. The guys, in order to disrupt the repeated premiere, are decided on vandalism and are taken to ruin the scenery for the play. At the same time, forgetting, they are having fun, taking pictures of what is happening on the camera. Fascinated by the pogrom, they do not notice a strange shadow, armed with a rope, watching the high school students and ready at the convenient opportunity to tighten a deadly loop around anyone's neck. This is the story of the horror "Hangman".


The roles of the main characters were performed by promising young actors: Ryan Shuz (known for the film "When the Night Comes"), Reese Mishler (member of the web series "Youthful Blindness"), Cassidy Gifford ("God Is Not Dead") and Pfeiffer Brown ("My Sons "). The creators of the picture to intensify the sensations of the actors intentionally gave the characters the pictures of their names. And in order to achieve a natural effect from the events taking place in the frame, the director and screenwriter did not show the performers a full version of the script, leaving them in ignorance of how the events will unfold. But they strongly recommended that you get acquainted with newspaper clippings, information from websites that tell about the tragic death of Charlie Grimill and the aftermath of his disturbing incidents. In order to make extremely reliable one of the key scenes, the authors did not warn the performers of the main roles and the extras depicting the audience in the hall, in advance, that they intend to "hang" the main character. The effect was amazing. Not surprisingly, the reviews of "The Hangman" deserved praiseworthy in the aspect of actor's skill of performers.

The presence of a subjective camera is unreasonable

But the visual part of the picture deserved a lot of nit-picking and sarcastic remarks. The authors were accused of the lack of not only innovative and revolutionary, but also interesting. Operator Edd Lucas responded calmly to attacks and negative reviews.

"Hangman" - the picture is dark, faded and muddy, the use of a subjective camera in it is not at all justified, as many believe. The authors seem to deliberately cheat, forcing the operator to fix the big plans of actors' faces, considering their emotions in detail, while ignoring the reason for what these emotions are caused. It is not clear why one of the most spectacular scenes with the death of the central character was fully shown in the trailer of the picture, after that it did not produce the proper effect on the viewer while watching the film.


According to the reviews of world film critics, the project of Travis Cliff and Chris Lofing is another proof of the crisis that the genre is experiencing. Reviews "Hangman" has gained contradictory. Some critics scold creators for the lack of fresh ideas, innovative delights, others are looking for reasons for the poor technical implementation of the original design. Still others point out that to everyone looking at the picture comes the feeling that the effect caused by the genre of "found films" has disappeared. If they were previously used to add a movie to another additional dimension, in this picture the authors grab for this technique as a straw. But this "straw" is more like a shovel, which the authors are digging a grave for their creation. The chip stopped functioning, the video jumping with a minimum of light and image defects, already irritates the viewer more. Genre is in crisis.

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