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Diet "Dvoyka": menu, reviews and results

The ideal figure is the dream of every woman. To achieve it, many effective diets have already been invented. However, rapid weight loss often harms health. For beauty to do without victims, a diet "Two" was created. It helps quickly get rid of extra pounds, achieve the desired shape and at the same time cleanse the body. What are the features of the menu and the results?


Any diet for a person is a kind of test. It requires a lot of patience and strong-willed qualities. Before you dare to take such a step, you need to evaluate your strengths and study the features and quality of the diet, which contains the diet "Dvoyka." Its menu is pretty monotonous, and the first three days are particularly difficult. The diet itself lasts only 10 days. Its obligatory condition is the use of 1.5 liters of water per day.

Each day of the diet involves a certain set of products:

  • The 1 st day . You can eat two unsweetened apples + water.
  • The 2 nd day . It is allowed to eat two citrus fruits (mandarins, oranges). You can turn on the grapefruit, but not more than one.
  • The third day . It is allowed more "dense" food - unpolished rice or oatmeal (100 g). The first component should be boiled, the second is better to pour overnight with boiling water. It is forbidden to add oil and salt to the products. Do not forget about the water!
  • 4 th day . At this stage, the diet "Two" allows the use of 200 g of cheese and a cup of yogurt. The ideal option on this day is to eat cheese throughout the day, and drink kefir overnight. Dull the starvation will help water.

  • The 5th day . It is allowed to eat a pack of fat-free cottage cheese without flavor additives (sugar, syrup, jam, etc.). Do not forget to fix the result with water.
  • The 6th day . Here you can eat only two bananas. It is important that they are not sweet. It is better to choose slightly greenish, unripe fruit.
  • The 7th day. This stage is, perhaps, the most difficult. On this day, you can not eat anything. Water can cope with the feeling of hunger.
  • The 8th day . After the "unloading" stage, it is allowed to include two yoghurt (without preservatives) in the menu and two fresh cucumbers. It should be remembered the exclusion of salt and other spices.
  • The 9th and 10th day have one component. Instead of water, you should now drink only kefir in the volume of two liters.


Like any phenomenon, the Dvoyka diet has certain advantages and disadvantages. To the pluses it can be attributed a rapid weight loss. The average loss is 8 kg. Depending on the individual characteristics of the body, this figure may be slightly larger or smaller.

Also, the advantages of a diet can be attributed to its short term. Only 10 days is enough to bring yourself in the right shape. Diet "Dvoyka" is especially relevant for people planning a beach vacation, swimming pool and a responsible outing.


Despite the undoubted external result, the diet "Dvoyka", in fact, is a starvation, and therefore, carries a certain stress for the internal system of the body. Especially bright it is manifested in the peeling of the skin, brittle nails and hair. But this phenomenon is temporary. After the termination of a diet the organism starts to be quickly restored.

Diet "Dvoyka", unfortunately, is not suitable for all people. This applies not only volitional, but also physiological contraindications. Therefore, the final decision should be coordinated with a dietitian.


The diet "Dvoika" is very popular recently. Reviews about it overwhelmed the women's forums. Estimates are quite different. One group of women considers it to be very strict and impossible, the other - with pleasure shares its achievements. There is also some deviation from the diet menu and the replacement of components. So, for example, the cottage cheese is replaced by taste preferences with unsalted cheese. According to the practitioners, especially the first and seventh days are especially difficult, so many women simply do not dare to go on such fasting or try it during the holiday period. At home, it is much easier to suffer mood swings and a decline in strength caused by dietary stress.


Rapid weight reduction, which guarantees the diet "Two", reviews and results of practitioners confirm. So, at a weight of more than 80 kg in the "before" phase, people lose about 8-9 kg in 10 days. Usually one-time practice is enough to get the desired form. But sometimes the diet is repeated after a break.

It is noteworthy that the diet "Two" is practiced not only by women, but also by men. They also note the severity of the diet, but rapid weight loss.

Important points

  • Pregnant women are recommended to adhere to a diet called "genetic deuce" before giving certain tests. The diet described above refers to a completely different phenomenon and has nothing to do with pregnancy.
  • In any diet, the concepts of "entry" and "exit" are very important. A few days before the new diet, you need to prepare the body: drink more water and include more plant foods in the diet. After the termination of a diet it is also necessary to smoothly switch to a full-fledged diet, gradually enriching the diet with nutritious foods.
  • If, after a one-time practice, weight loss still did not bring the desired figure on the scales, then you should take a break for at least a month. At this time, the diet should be dominated by plant foods, low-fat fish and dairy products. Then you can repeat the diet "Two". But the ideal option is an active lifestyle (running, swimming and going to the gym). It will give an attractive outline to the figure and will strengthen health.

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