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Regulus Black: description and biography of the character

The book series about the adventures of the Harry Potter boy magician, like her film adaptation, has long become a classic. In the films of this epic struggled to convey all the events of the books. That's just because of the limited time of films, many points, as well as storylines had to be thrown away. Thus, the audience, who did not read the source, did not learn much of the interesting from the magical world of Harry Potter. In particular, the film does not pay much attention to such an interesting character as Regulus Black. And meanwhile, like his older brother Sirius, he contributed to the overthrow of the Dark Lord. However, for a long time no one knew about his feat.

Regulus Arcturus Black - the younger brother of Sirius Black

This representative of the glorious family Black has received a name in honor of his great-uncle. The Black family was very ancient and did not have in its ranks the unclean or mage-born wizards (as the mother of Harry Lily). They were considered one of the most revered and wealthy magical families. Because of this, they held the view that only thoroughbred mages and witches are worthy of living in a magical world. Regulus Black fully supported his parents' convictions and, unlike his older brother, was the ideal son that his parents were proud of.

Apparently, in the Black family it was customary to call children by the names of stars. So the name Regulus is the name of the most important star of the constellation Leo, Sirius is a star in the constellation of the Great Dog. The father of the boys bore the name in honor of the constellation Orion.

Appearance and character of the hero

In the Harry Potter books, there is not much information about the fate of Regulus, let alone his habits and character. There it is mentioned that Regulus Black was outwardly a pale copy of his elder brother: more skinny and low. However, he still inherited family features - luxurious dark hair and eyes of a steel color. Yielding to his elder brother in external data and charm, Regulus had his own strengths. Judging by the further development of the plot, Regulus Black was much smarter than Sirius. He was also a diligent student and obedient son, so parents and teachers loved him.

It is worth noting that Regulus Black was sincere in his delusions. Unlike Malfoy's father and son, he believed that purebred magicians are stronger and worthy to rule the world. When the Dark Lord came to power, Regulus became a Death Eater not because he was afraid or dreamed of getting a better position, but because he really believed in the ideas of Voldemort. Disappointed in his idol, Junior Black found the strength to resist him, which speaks of the hero's enormous inner strength and refutes the view that he was just a lifelong sham and a coward in the family and at Hogwarts.

Parents of Regulus

The parents of the brothers Regulus and Sirius were Orion and Valburga Black. They were very fond of their sons, especially their mother. Of the two brothers, Regulus was the best son, he not only shared the ideals of his parents, but also gave them cause for pride: at first they were academic successes, and afterwards his choice to become a minion of the Dark Lord.

After many years in a conversation with Harry, the family housekeeper Black will tell you that Sirius broke his mother's heart. Probably, after Sirius fled the house and renounced the ideals of his kind, Valburga concentrated all her love on the younger and more worthy, in her opinion, the son of Regulus.

Sirius and Regulus Black

Because of completely different temperaments, the relationship between the brothers did not add up. Sirius was a manly and worthy man, but short-sighted in his own way. However, being charming, he could easily make friends, but did not want to cheat, talk or keep silent when needed, so it was difficult for him to build a career.

In opposition to his brother, Regulus Black was thoughtful and calm. He did not have the habit of his brother to draw attention to his actions, but this did not prevent young Blake from achieving success in many areas.

Sirius at first simply ridiculed the ideals of his parents out of youthful audacity, and later because of his personal experience (he was friends with Lily Potter, who was a Muggle-born Mudblood and one of the best students). Regulus also tried not to upset his parents. Even disillusioned with their ideals, he did not bother or endanger his father and mother.

Probably, Regulus envied Sirius' bright personality. At the same time, he did not even suspect that he himself was also the object of his brother's envy, although he did not share his parental ideals, but deep in his heart he regretted that he could not find a common language with them, and his younger brother could.

Sirius died and did not know about his younger brother's actions and how much he changed. At the same time, Regulus, dying, did not know that his brother was not a traitor and a murderer, but a slandered person. At the same time, the brothers were on the same side, but did not know about it.

Study at Hogwarts

As a representative of an ancient and respected genus of purebred magicians Regulus, of course, became a student of Slytherin. Quite soon he achieved recognition as a student (became a catcher of the Slytherin Quidditch team), and teachers (he was invited to the club of Professor Slughorn where only very prominent students were admitted).

Regulus and the Dark Lord

In his earliest childhood, Regulus was a special admirer of the Dark Lord. He collected articles about him and his photographs. In his room everything was hung with images of an idol.

Hardly had a guy knocked sixteen years, how he achieved that he was accepted into the Death Eaters. The youngest Black was extremely proud of himself. It is worth noting that, probably, he had a close relationship with Voldemort, since he easily visited him and communicated with him. However, Regulus soon had a bitter disappointment. Learning the truth about his idol, he decided to destroy him and did not spare his life for this.

The heroic act of Regulus

Regulus Black, despite his origins and views, was quite loyal to the elves, while most purebred wizards considered them slaves, unworthy of pity. When the Dark Lord asked him to give him the house elf of Kickimer for one errand, Regulus gladly agreed.

As it turned out, Volan de Mort took advantage of the housekeeper to hide the medallion in his cave. He forced the unfortunate creature to drink a cursed potion from a stone bowl, hid the medallion there and filled it with a new portion of cruel swill. After that, the Dark Lord left Kikimera in the cave of one, believing that he would perish. But the evil wizard underestimated the magic of the lower creatures, and the elf was able to return home and tell Regulus what had happened.

Having learned about the true appearance of his idol, the disillusioned wizard decides to destroy him. Being an incredibly clever man, he quickly guessed the horcrux and its purpose. Regulus decided to destroy this object. Unfortunately, the hero did not take into account the fact that the Horcrux was not alone.

Having gone with the elf to the cave, he drank the potion, changed the medallion and stayed there to die. Kikimer was sent by the owner home with an order not to tell anyone about what happened, and also with the task to destroy the evil object.

Over the years, Kikimer did not tell anyone about the fate of his deceased host. The truth was found out only when the young wizard Harry Potter started looking for the Horcrux. Regulus Black all this time remained missing for his relatives, most of them believed that he was killed by the order of the Dark Lord.

Regulus in the Harry Potter films

Despite the fact that this character is a rather important link in the process of destroying the Horcruxes, he was given very little space in the adaptation of the novels . In the novels themselves, readers will learn about it only from the words of other people (Sirius Black, Kikimer).

The first mention of Regulus is mentioned in the movie "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". Talking with Harry, Professor Slughorn boasts of photographs of his students, mentioning casually about Regulus and regretting that he had not been able to teach also Sirius. In the same film, Harry and his friends, finding a fake horcrux, read the farewell letter enclosed in it with the initials of RAB. However, at that time they still do not know who is behind them.

The second and last time the hero of Regulus is mentioned in the movie "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1". Here the housekeeper crumpled about his master and medallion. Unfortunately, the audience does not really know anything about the fate of Regulus: why he replaced the medallion, which he wanted to achieve this and how he died. In fact, his whole feat remains unknown to those who did not read the book, but simply watched the film.

Regulus and fans

In the film information about Regulus Black is negligible. However, especially ardent fans of the magical world and all of its characters decided to correct this annoying omission. Realizing that this undeservedly disadvantaged character is actually very interesting, many readers have created his portraits and photo collages with him.

With the blessings of modern technology, fans of the Harry Potter universe from around the world can communicate, discuss controversial issues of the epic, share photos, drawings and photo collages, and write fanfics (their own writings based on Harry Potter books). Strangely enough, but it was in the work of fans that the character of Regulus was deserved recognition. His image was so popular with readers that a lot of amateur works were written about him ("Blood ties", "Harry Potter and Regulus Black", "Strange artifact", "Inviting mirror", "Shards", "On that stand" and others). Moreover, especially zealous fans even found a girlfriend for him to be his character, and this is neither more nor less than Mudblood Hermione Granger.

Regulus Black and the girl, of course, of different backgrounds and looks, and besides, they live in different epochs, but the real fans could not stop it. In the fanfics devoted to this pair, as a rule, heroes meet with the help of a magical artifact (often a mirror) during the youth of each of them. Either the Black brothers are revived in some way, and Hermione gets to know and falls in love with an already adult hero named Regulus Black. The art of the fans of this couple is truly beautiful and romantic.

The book epic, and then the films about the adventures of a magician boy, opened a whole fairy-tale world for many children and adults. Here, evil does not always get what it deserves, and often the most worthy characters perish, and scoundrels live for many years.

One of these noble characters, never recognized for their services, is Regulus Black. The magical world of Harry Potter, described by Joan Rowling, did not honor this hero, but the injustice decided to correct the readers. They loved the humble and selfless Regulus so much that they rewarded him by devoting him many beautiful and touching stories.

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