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The series "Blood Resistance": plot, characters, release date of season 2

What does the animated film "Blood Resistance" tell about? What is remarkable about this television project? What allowed the series to win the hearts of many thousands of fans of anime around the world? About all this - later in the material.

The idea of creating a series

The plot of the series "The Resistance of Blood" is based on the novel of the famous Japanese writer Gakuto Mikumo. Since 2011, individual episodes of history have been regularly published in the popular magazine Dangeki Bunko. The idea of adaptation of the novel in the format of a television animated series arose in 2012. For its implementation, a well-known illustrator and creator of Animake Manyako took. The first episodes of the project appeared on the screens in 2014.

Until recently at the box office there was only one season of the series, which consisted of 24 episodes. The new series began to appear relatively recently, despite the authors' assurances that the "Blood Resistance" (season 2) will appear in 2015.

What is the story about?

The events of the animated series "Blood Resistance" (season 1) unfold in a fantastic universe where mystical creatures and people are forced to co-exist in one world. Mankind concludes a non-aggression pact with the demons. The side of fantastic creatures are the princes of ancient vampires. However, only a few inhabitants of this universe are aware of the existence of the highest, most powerful demon. The latter decides to pass on his supernatural powers to an ordinary schoolboy named Kodze Akatsuki. Despite the fact that the guy leads an unremarkable life, in the eyes of people he becomes potentially dangerous. The people around are beginning to realize what kind of threat the boy poses for the continued existence of mankind.

The main actions of the series are unfolding in the city of Itogi, in which demons and people live side by side. Solve the potential problem of the local inhabitants intend, surrounded Kodze beautiful girls that have outstanding fighting skills. The patroness and main protector of the protagonist is his teacher named Natsuki. The latter is an unsurpassed battle mage. In addition, the boy is attached to a schoolgirl Yukina, masterfully owning a magic spear. How will behave the newly-made supreme vampire, surrounded by protection from adorable girls?

While the protagonist feels in absolute safety, cunning demons appear that awakened, feeling the revival of an ancient, powerful force. The latter are trying to entice the boy to his side with all sorts of temptations, forcing him to commit crimes that will plunge the world into chaos. The main characters of the film come into conflict with the secret organization of otherworldly beings and try to prevent the destruction of the fragile peace between vampires and humans.

About the main character

As already noted above, the central character of the series "Resistance of Blood" is the schoolboy Kodze Akatsuki. The guy just looks like an ordinary teenager. In fact, in its essence, the capacity of a powerful demon, of which only known from ancient legends is known, is laid.

The protagonist is by nature a vulnerable person. He is not able to take control of the supernatural powers given him, because he became a demon for reasons that he did not understand. At the same time, Kodze potentially represents such a formidable vampire that, if desired, can easily be dealt with by a whole crowd of enemies. However, if this happens, the fragile peace between mystical creatures and people will collapse, which has been supported by common efforts over the centuries.

Natsuki Minamiya

Natsuki is the school teacher Kodze and an experienced magician, known by the nickname Witch of Emptiness . She is one of the few who know about the essence of the supernatural abilities of the boy. The heroine is incredibly strong. Despite this, she tries to act as an observer and once again does not interfere in the development of events.

Yukina Himaragi

Yukina is one of the main characters of the series, along with Kodze Akatsuki. The girl is a member of the secret service "Royal Lions", which was created in order to protect the human race from demons. Yukin is sent to look after the boy and protect him from rash acts. Initially, the guy described to her as insidious, indifferent to the suffering of the monster. However, soon the heroine is convinced that her ward absolutely does not correspond to this characteristic. In order to protect Kode, she settles in a neighboring apartment. Soon between the characters set a romantic attraction.

«Blood Resistance» 2 season - release date

At the end of the first season of the series, its creators began to assure that the release of the continuation of history will take place no later than 2015. The exact date was not called. However, it soon became clear that the premiere of new episodes of a multi-part animation film was postponed indefinitely. At the same time, it was not officially announced about the closure of the project.

At the end of 2016, the authors of the series decided to resume the animation adaptation of the popular novel "The Resistance of Blood". The reason was the discontent of the numerous fans of the project, as well as the desire to preserve the highest television ratings. Despite this, fans of fantastic history have quite a few reasons for joy. At the moment, only a few episodes of the second season are released. Find new series of fans of the series have the opportunity for popular file sharing on the Internet.

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