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What to feed the monthly kitten. Tips and Tricks

A small kitten is just like a helpless baby. He needs a special separate diet, which must be balanced, contain vitamins and other nutrients. Often kittens at a very early age are taken away from their mother and given to the new master.

So what to feed the monthly kitten so that it grows normally and develops?

Of course, the mother's breast milk remains an ideal option. Usually she feeds her kittens to 2-3 months at home and up to 4 months in nature. But if there is no such possibility, it is necessary to buy a special milk formula for the kittens in the pet store. The seller will tell you how to feed the kitten in addition. It is allowed to use the usual mixture intended for children, only the dilution is twice as thick as indicated on the package.

From cow's milk, which is more accessible and almost always at hand, it is better to refuse. When it is used in a small kitten, digestion can be disturbed, since the composition is significantly different from the composition of the cat's milk . Thus, its use can adversely affect the condition of the baby as a whole.

Beginning with a month's age, they begin to introduce complementary foods. Initially, it is reasonable to consult a specialist who will tell you how best to feed a kitten at this age.

It is worth noting that it is now necessary to decide what kind of food the cat will have in the future. This is either natural food, or special dry food and canned food. Mixing both options is not recommended.

New products that the kitten will try for the first time should be rich in proteins. Therefore, you need to start with low-fat cottage cheese, diluted liquid, egg white, beef, fish or special canned meat.

Before feeding the monthly kitten with new food constantly, you should pay attention to the reaction of the baby's body to a new product. Particular attention at this time should be given to his chair.

It is also necessary to introduce liquid porridge. Hercules, rice, buckwheat are suitable for this. It is better to refuse the manga, it is considered a very heavy food even for young children.

Then you can enter other dairy products: kefir, ryazhenka, sour cream, as well as chicken, turkey or low-fat minced meat. Thus the volume of food should be small, therefore it is better to feed more often.

Approximately one hour after feeding the baby is recommended to do a small massage of the tummy with his fingers. It will greatly improve digestion.

Asking the question of what to feed the monthly kitten, do not forget about the water. It should always be fresh and clean, in a shallow bowl.

In a couple of weeks it's worth to introduce soups without salt, grated cheese and beef liver, and you can also give a little boiled (not smoked!) Sausage. Any food should be fresh, so if the kitten leaves something in the bowl, reduce its serving.

Thus, the baby should be fed properly and with all recommendations. And if after all of the above you are still tormented by questions about what to feed the monthly kitten, it is better to give the baby a little to grow up, and take it already older.

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