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Cystitis in men. Causes, prevention, treatment

Cystitis or inflammatory process in the bladder, is considered to be a "female" disease. Indeed, ladies face this unpleasant disease much more often, and is caused by the structure of the urinary system. The female urethra is a fairly wide and short channel through which bacteria can easily "get" to the bladder.

And here a cystitis at men, more often, develops on a background of other inflammatory diseases. For example, pyelonephritis or prostatitis. The fact that the urethra in men is much longer, so the infection almost never penetrates into the bladder in this way. An exception may be medical manipulation, for example, an infection can be entered when a catheter is inserted for urine collection. Therefore, today doctors use only disposable and sterile catheters.

You can get cystitis at any age. Among infants, cystitis is more common in boys, it is associated with such a common phenomenon as physiological phimosis. But, since the second year of life, girls suffer more from cystitis.

Cystitis in men can be acute or chronic. In the acute course of the disease, the frequency of trips to the toilet increases dramatically, and urination becomes painful, then the pain becomes permanent. Often during this period there is increased weakness, sometimes the temperature rises. The urine becomes cloudy, sometimes it can detect impurities of pus or blood.

During the acute development of the disease, it is very important to consult a doctor, and not try to help yourself with folk methods. Otherwise, with a high probability, the cystitis will acquire a chronic course, and it will be necessary to treat it after a very long time. In addition, the chronic diseases that led to the development of cystitis may worsen. Thus, cystitis in men, the symptoms of which are described above, requires urgent treatment.

With such a disease as cystitis in men, most often prescribed bed rest. It is extremely important to observe a suitable diet during the disease, namely, to exclude food that can irritatively affect the walls of the bladder. Refuse is due to sharp, acidic and too salty dishes, you absolutely need to exclude alcoholic beverages, as well as coffee. In order that the infection does not "stagnate" in the bladder, it is recommended to drink a lot. Especially useful is vitamin Morse from cranberries, which has anti-inflammatory effect. The reception of herbal decoctions with a diuretic effect is also prescribed. For example, a decoction of bearberry or lingon leaves is useful.

In addition, cystitis in men is treated with the use of antibiotics, only the doctor must select the drug, taking into account the sensitivity of the pathogen that caused inflammation. The prescribed course of antibiotic therapy must necessarily be brought to an end, since an untreated infection almost always leads to the occurrence of a recurrent inflammation.

If the cystitis acquires a chronic course, then its treatment consists in eliminating the causes that provoke inflammation. That is, for recovery, it is necessary to eliminate the focus of the primary infection, and also to restore urodynamics, that is, a normal outflow of urine. The prognosis for chronic cystitis is less favorable than in the treatment of acute disease.

Prevention of cystitis is the timely treatment of inflammatory diseases, measures aimed at improving immunity, as well as respecting personal hygiene and avoiding hypothermia. In the event that acute cystitis still developed, you need to show maximum patience and perseverance to prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

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