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Snoha - who is this and who needs it?

The young spouse, entering after the wedding into the husband's family, receives a new status in relation to his relatives. From the bride she turns into a daughter-in-law or a daughter-in-law.

"Snoha - who is that?" - young people can ask in our modern age, when related bonds no longer play such a big role as before. Although this term of kinship is still quite close. This is how the father-in-law is called a father-in-law and mother-in-law.

The daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law: how it is correct?

Explaining the presence of these two terms, some sources say: a daughter-in-law ("unknown", "unknown") a young wife for her husband's parents remains until after giving birth to a child, then she becomes a daughter-in-law. But in the Ushakov dictionary, the term "daughter-in-law" is applicable to the designation of kinship between the mother and the wife of the son, as do his brothers and sisters call his brother's wife. But for the father-in-law, the son's wife immediately becomes a daughter-in-law.

Snoha: who is this?

What does the term "daughter-in-law" mean? Its meaning is also different sources interpreted differently.

So, in ancient times it was believed that the birth of a child finally "tied" the wife to the family of her husband, she was no longer so "alien" and "unknown", but became almost as dear as the son - "son."

According to another version, the word "daughter-in-law" comes from the word "demolish". Having come to the husband's family, the wife was forced to bear all sorts of reproaches of her husband's relatives and even to suffer beatings, she was the most dependent person in the house.

Relationship: daughter-in-law and mother-in-law

Today the daughter-in-law, of course, is not as powerless as it was before. And in most cases today young couples seek to live separately from their parents. Still, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law (daughter-in-law) very often leaves much to be desired. The main reason is jealousy. Mom in advance is afraid that the son will not love her as before, she will cease to be necessary to him. And it seems to my mother: a daughter-in-law - who is this at all, how can she take care of her son as she, her own mother?

In order not to aggravate relations in the family, young spouses need to take care that mom does not feel deprived. The daughter-in-law should let her know that she does not want to take the mother's place in her husband's heart, but, on the contrary, understands that this is the most native woman in her husband's life.

Svekor and daughter-in-law: everything is simpler here

It is very rare that in the relationship between young spouses and other relatives, there are disagreements between the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law. Unless the people noticed unpleasant cases of intimacy between them. In the villages all life was always in sight, to hide something was almost impossible. The father-in-law, seen in such obscenity, received the stigma of a daughter-in-law or a novice, thereby expressing a general condemnation to the violator of the sanctity of family bonds.

When my daughter-in-law dreams

This means that in your personal life you are expected to change. Soon you will meet a person with whom you will experience many happy minutes, it will give your life a new meaning.


It happened in China. In ancient times, one girl, who after the wedding began to live in her husband's house, could no longer endure the reproaches of her mother-in-law. She went to her father's friend, who was selling herbs, and said to him:

"I can not live with my mother-in-law anymore." She will soon drive me crazy. Help me please. I will pay.

"What can I do?" - the herbalist was surprised.

"Sell me the poison." Getting rid of my mother-in-law, I will get rid of all the misfortunes, "answered the young woman.

After reflecting, the herbalist said:

- Of course, I will help you. But listen to me carefully. First, you can not poison your mother-in-law at once, people will guess everything. The herbs I give you will kill your mother-in-law gradually, and no one will understand that she was poisoned. Secondly, in order to avoid suspicion, you must learn to respect your mother-in-law, love her, listen attentively and be patient. When she dies, no one will suspect you.

She agreed to all offers, she gradually added some herbs to her mother-in-law's food. She also learned to listen to the advice of her mother-in-law, not only not to take offense at her husband's mother, but also to respect her. When her mother-in-law saw the kind attitude of her daughter-in-law to her, she very much fell in love with the girl. Soon the relationship between them became the same as between mother and daughter.

T When the girl came to the herbalist with the words:

"For God's sake, save my mother-in-law." I do not want to kill her. I love her.

Travnik replied:

- Do not worry so, I gave you not poison, but ordinary spices. The poison was only in your head, but you successfully got rid of it yourself.

So, daughter-in-law - who is that? We will answer: in good relations - a daughter for her husband's parents.

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