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Mike Tyson: height, weight and biography of the boxer

Mike Tyson (growth see below) is a professional boxer from America. Multiple world heavyweight champion. Winner of several records in boxing. He has three convictions. In this article, we will describe a brief biography of the athlete.


Mike Tyson, whose growth is known to all his fans, was born in Brooklyn in 1966. The boy had a gentle character, and up to 10 years old he did not know how to stand up for himself. Therefore, it was regularly bullied by the older guys, taking away sweets, money and so on. Sometimes Mike even beat.

Everything changed the case. The boy had a hobby - breeding pigeons. One day, when Mike was sitting with one of these birds, a member of a local gang who was older than Tyson, snatched the pigeon from his hands and tore off his head. Mike was furious, rushed to the enemy and heavily beat him. This act led to the fact that Tyson began to respect all the juvenile bandits of the area.

Passion for boxing

At age 13, Mike was sent to a school for juvenile offenders. Physical education there taught Bobby Stewart, who used to be a boxer. The young man told the coach that he would like to do the same. From that day, the only hobby of the young man was boxing. Mike Tyson trained very fanatical. Sometimes he even woke up the school staff at 3-4 o'clock in the morning, practicing blows on the pear. In his interview, Stewart claimed that Mike at the age of 13 was able to shake a 100-kilogram barbell. At the same time, his own weight reached only 80 kg.

Carier start

Amateur career Mike began in 1981 under the leadership of Casa D'Amato. Tyson was only 15 years old at the time. The athlete spent about 30 fights, of which he lost only 6. A year later the young man won the Youth Olympic Games.

By 1984, Mike Tyson's kick was so strong that he won all fights. Completion of his career in amateurs was to be the Olympics in Los Angeles, but the young man lost the qualifying battle. His rival Henry Tillman then became the champion. Tyson "avenged" him after six years, knocking out in the first round.

Go to the pros

In March 1985, the talented sportsman finally moved to professional boxing. Mike Tyson spent about 15 fights, winning all the knockouts. In November, he set a world record, becoming the youngest champion in the heavyweight category.


In 1991, the boxer attended the beauty contest "Miss America". At this event, he met one of the contestants by the name of Desiree. The next day, the girl accused Mike of rape. There was a large number of circumstantial evidence and testimonies from witnesses confirming that everything happened by mutual consent. But in the end the court chose the girl's side and sentenced the boxer to six years in prison. For good behavior, Tyson was released in three years.

By the way, while in prison, the athlete became a Muslim. Although before this was a convinced Christian.

Mike Tyson: Growth

Regarding this parameter, fans and eyewitnesses always talk about different numbers. The first consider that the growth of the athlete is from 180 to 183 centimeters. The latter speak of lower figures - from 175 to 178 centimeters.

To find out the true parameters of the boxer, let's turn to the original source. Mike himself said in an interview that his height is 178 centimeters. Therefore, speculation about other meanings can be thrown out of your head.

Health problems and overweight

As a child, Mike Tyson, whose growth was mentioned above, had problems with the lungs. Therefore, together with his mother, he often visited hospitals.

In 1989, the boxer began to abuse alcohol and abandoned training. But after the first loss in the ring, the athlete signed up for treatment.

From 1990 to 2010, Tyson was addicted, which caused his health to suffer greatly. So, Mike began to gain weight. In his best form, the athlete weighed almost 100 kilograms. In 2007-2009 this figure reached as much as 160 kilograms. The boxer became a vegan, took a diet and reduced weight to 120.

The personal life of Mike Tyson

The boxer had three marriages. With his first wife, actress Robin Givens, he lived only a year. The divorce cost the athlete ten million dollars.

In 1997, Tyson married Monica Turner, a working doctor in the clinic. This marriage lasted six years. Monica gave Mike two children - Amir and Rain. The couple broke up because Tyson liked to go "left" and did it on a regular basis.

The third choice of boxer was Lakia Spicer. In 2011, the lovers had a son.

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