Grapes "gala": description, reviews, photos

Grapes "gala" is one of the most popular varieties. He firmly established himself in the list of the best species due to his taste qualities and rather unpretentious character. Variety of grapes "gala" belongs to relatively new varieties, but has already won the hearts of gardeners. Interesting is the history of the appearance of this plant. In this article, we will acquaint you with the information necessary for successful growing and obtaining a rich harvest.

History of appearance

Grapes "gala" is the result of the work of a well-known Ukrainian breeder. Vitaliy Zagorulko combined two different varieties - "codreanka" and "Zaporozhye's gift". Thanks to a successful combination, we obtained a variety that grows well in our climate. Initially, the grapes were quite expensive, for one sapling asked about two thousand rubles. Now the situation has changed, the brand has ceased to be a novelty, and accordingly, the price has dropped to one hundred rubles. This affordable cost made it possible to plant this grapes to anyone who wants to enjoy sweet berries.

The most important thing

Grapes "gala", the description of which we represent to you, refers to table types. The berries have a deep blue color and differ strongly pronounced taste. "Gala" ripens comparatively early, which makes the variety even more attractive for cultivation. After all, everyone wants to have bushes in their garden, the harvest from which you can shoot earlier than others do. Most often, it's this variety you see on the shelves, while others are just starting to ripen.

Grapes "gala": description of the variety

There are several important points that you should know before you have a bush. First, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the variety, and secondly, with the rules of care for it. This will help you in choosing and will not let you make mistakes afterwards during cultivation. So, what is the grapes of "gala":

  • Berries have an elongated oval shape and tender flesh, the sweet taste of grapes has a slight sourness;
  • Brushes have an impressive appearance in the form of a cone, and each berry can reach nine grams; As a result, you can get very large brushes;
  • Large leaves help to create a good shadow, so many plant this variety not only for the sake of harvest, but also for the design of a gazebo or arch;
  • The plant is pollinated independently, so there is no problem with the ripening of berries, as well as the underdevelopment of brushes, as in many other varieties;
  • Excellent tolerance of frost makes it possible to grow this grapes in regions with a cold climate, it safely winters at a temperature of -21;
  • The advantage of the variety is the ability to resist attacks of diseases and pests, often the owner does not need to additionally process the plant with chemical preparations;
  • The disadvantage is the fact that if you do not harvest the harvest on time, the berries begin to crack, the juice flows out, which attracts the wasps.

Care Tips

Grapes "gala" does not belong to particularly capricious varieties, but still requires some attention. In order for the bush to grow and develop properly, follow the advice of specialists:

  • Constantly watch the formation of the bush to prevent the vine from being overloaded. Too many brushes on the vine lead to the fact that the grapes become sour and small, and also slowly begins to ripen. It is best to perform the procedure of circumcision in the autumn period before the onset of frost.
  • Cropping grapes, carefully study information on how to do it correctly. After pruning, there should be at least thirty kidneys and eight eyes in the branch.
  • In the process of growing it is recommended not to neglect the treatment of the bush by special means that prevent different diseases from appearing. Despite the fact that this variety is resistant to disease, it is not necessary to rely on absolute resistance, but rather to help the plant, and to protect yourself from loss of crops. This must be done before the grapes begin to blossom.
  • For winter it is recommended to cover the bush, especially if you live in a region where the frost may be more than -21 degrees.
  • Like any plant, grapes "gala" needs to be recharged, especially when the seedling turns into an adult plant.


"Gala" - grapes, the photo of which you see here, refers to those species that need to be planted at the end of the spring period. This is due to the fact that frosts will not exactly come, and there will be no danger to the seedlings. Carefully inspect the seedling before planting. Trim all the withered rootlets and shoots. If this is not done, it will negatively affect the speed of rooting and development of the bush. Dig a hole about eighty centimeters in diameter, with a depth of about a meter. Pour half of the pit in advance prepared land. The ideal soil for grapes is a mixture of fertile soil with two buckets of fertilizer. If you plant a few shrubs, then leave at least 2 m between the bushes. Be sure to wallow the ground around the planted bush. It is best to use straw, foliage and humus for this.

Watering mode

Watering the grapes must be done using special wells. Before pouring the plant, dig around the root of the pit about 40 centimeters in diameter. Do not dig too close to the root, as this can damage the system. Moreover, this method of irrigation helps to distribute the water correctly and does not allow it to stagnate. The recommended volume is one bucket, and for an adult bush - two. If we consider the irrigation system from the very landing, then we need to do this according to the following scheme:

  1. Watering immediately after the landing procedure.
  2. Seven days after planting.
  3. When the seedlings reach thirty centimeters in height.
  4. Before the plant starts to bloom.
  5. Berries reach a diameter of half a centimeter.
  6. Before harvesting, in order to improve the quality of ripe berries.
  7. Last watering before hiding the bush for the winter. In this case, the amount of water increases by a half a bucket, it is also recommended to add "Superphosphate" to the water.

Grapes "gala": reviews

Summarizing, I want to note that the reviews of gardeners clearly show all the advantages of this variety. Care of a special plant does not require, but the harvest exceeds all expectations. Particularly praise this species are those who earn by selling the early varieties of grapes. People are happy to buy berries, which are bored during the winter. The main thing is not to miss the time of ripening and collect the whole harvest. Then there will be no problems with the plant. In any case, all the above measures for caring for a bush are worthwhile to undertake them for the sake of obtaining fine brushes of grapes.

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