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Age of marriage in Russia. Marriage age

Marriage is a very useful thing for a society. Yes, it is the simplest microgroup, but it helps to organize the whole society and realize the task of reproduction of offspring. If now there was no such thing as a family, then it would be impossible to socialize the child normally. And educate him. And feed. In general, society would not develop, and the human species simply died. This article will consider the issue of marriage, its functions, and also such an important problem as the age of marriage in Russia. Many young people are interested in this problem. And it turns out that it's not just that. After all, they still have to create a family.

What is marriage?

Marriage is a legally formalized family relationship. That is, if two people live under the same roof and raise a child, this does not mean that this is a marriage. There is such a cool word as "civil marriage". But if you look at the logic, it turns out that these are only those family relations that are officially fixed.

But in general, with regard to the concept of family and marriage in particular, it is difficult to formulate an unambiguous definition. There are two notions of marriage: sociological and legal. And the concepts are somewhat different, although the same phenomenon is being considered. But since our article is more legal (although it is somewhat silly to separate jurisprudence from sociology in this aspect), we will consider marriage from a legal point of view.

Properties of marriage

The age of marriage in Russia is really a very important and controversial issue. The reason for this is one - how much people of a certain age category are able to create a full-fledged family. What properties does it have? What is the nature of marriage? By what elements can we recognize that we are really dealing with marriage? A fully functional family will be implied, which copes well with its task.

  1. Legal certainty.
  2. Common property.
  3. As spouses are different-sex people, not united by blood ties.
  4. One of the persons does not have yet another legal marriage.

Such signs help to judge that we are really dealing with marriage.

Functions of marriage

Marriage, as a very important component of society and human life in particular, performs a huge number of functions. And that they are fully implemented, the age of marriage in Russia should be set at the right level. In fact, it turns out that 18 years are not the years when a person is psychologically ready for family life. However, on the other hand, young people can better adapt to each other. Consequently, there will be less conflicts. But what functions should the marriage perform?

  1. Reproduction of offspring. This is the main task that he sets for himself. Therefore, the main requirement that characterizes the age of marriage in Russia (or rather, one of the main) is the ability to ensure, purely in theory, optimal conditions for this task.
  2. Support. Naturally, together (and in the future - three) it is much easier to experience problems in life. For example, if one person can not simultaneously earn money and feed children (as happens in single-parent families), the second person can take on this task. And in the future, and children will be able to connect to support. It is much more difficult to survive crises.
  3. Socialization. Reproduction of offspring is a good task. This is unconditional. But the family as a whole performs a very important function. She acts as the primary agent of socialization of the child, that is, helps him to adapt in the world. The basic social norms that the child learns come from the family. If she is not mothering, then the child will not do this either. And so on.

These are the three main functions. As we can see, the main task of the family is to unite for growing offspring. This can be called a kind of super task. And the age of marriage should be such that people not only could reproduce the offspring, but also be able to take care of others. But this is very rare at a young age. But it is on mutual care that marriage is built.

Types of families

Based on how well the family performs its functions well, it can be functional or dysfunctional. In the first case, the family does its job well. Of course, a fully functional family is a myth. Everyone has his share of selfishness. And of course, it prevents him from normal care. Complicating is that one member of the family may lack care, and the second believes that it gives a lot.

If all these difficulties reach a critical point, then we are talking about a dysfunctional family. There are many such marriages. But as for such a topic as the age of marriage, everything here is complicated. On the one hand, youth are more selfish. But on the other hand, it is easier to adapt to the requirements of a social group. That is, it is initially more conformist. This facilitates the task of creating a functional family.

The process of marriage

And what kind of marriage can be called legal? This question is also controversial enough to understand. After all, every person under the notion of "legal marriage" means his own. For example, religious people will not consider a simple stamp in a passport legal. But if they get married in the church, then it will be so. As you can see, everything is relative. And how does the marriage process go legally? What requirements should be observed?

  • Persons should not be registered in another marriage.
  • People should not be close relatives.
  • Also, marriage is impossible between those who adopted the child and adopted children.
  • If at least one married couple is recognized as mentally ill.
  • People should be of different sex.

The requirements are quite simple. Therefore, many marry legally.

Age of marriage

Registration of marriage in Russia is possible only if both newlyweds have reached the age of 18. In some cases, you can omit the bar by court decision. When is marriage registration available to younger people?

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Birth of a child. If it already happened that the child was born to minors, then they can lower the threshold of marriage.
  3. Call to the army.
  4. An established family life. That is, if two young people already live as a husband and wife, they also raise a child, that is, all the legal grounds for reducing the age of marriage.

But it is important to understand that the court considers all cases individually. So the possibility of marriage for minors is still largely unavailable.

Registration of marriage for minors - requirements

If you are a minor and want to put a stamp on your passport, registering a marriage for you will be available only with such conditions as stipulated by the FC RF:

  • Decrease can not be more than two years. That is, it is possible to reduce the age to 16 years as much as possible.
  • The reasons must be really valid, not just the desire of two teenagers.
  • The question of whether it is possible to register the marriage of two minors is decided at the place of registration.
  • Parental consent is not required.
  • A person who marries is given almost full civil responsibility. That is, he becomes an adult at the state level earlier.


We figured out what age of marriage in Russia was adopted. It is important to understand that even though the minimum threshold is still at 16, in exceptional cases, it can be reduced to 14 in some areas. These are the laws.

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