Knitted shawls - a new look

Whatever the trends in fashion, in any season handmade items will always be in great demand. To such things belong and the products connected on spokes or a hook. It can be sweaters, napkins, and rugs, and dresses, and toys. The list can be listed for a very long time. Knitted shawls are of considerable interest . Shawl can be knitted on knitting needles or crocheted, solid or openwork - it all depends on the design of the master.

A shawl is a widespread subject of women's use, although some people consider it to be a remnant of the past. But shawls, knitted both with knitting needles and crocheted, are not only a fashionable and original accessory, but also very practical. You can use it as a scarf if you are on the street. You can also throw it on your shoulders in a cold office or apartment. It is very practical, the shawl does not constrain movement and at the same time does not freeze.

Traditionally, it is customary to knit these products with a crochet. But not everyone can learn this science - many crochet techniques seem very complex and incomprehensible. Knitted shawls on spokes look no less interesting and original and are able to satisfy the most demanding women of fashion. In addition, there are different kinds of threads that are suitable only for knitting on needles, and their texture and composition can transform the simplest pattern, making it irresistible.

Knitted shawls traditionally have a triangular shape, but they can be made in the form of a pelerine. The sizes of products range from small, little more than a neck scarf, to huge, completely covering hands. The edges of such shawls can reach the knees.

Regardless of whether the shawl is crocheted or knitting, you can start knitting in one of three ways. The choice of a method can be influenced by such a factor as the pattern and its location on the product. You can start the shawl traditionally, from the middle corner. To this end, several spokes, usually three to nine, are gathered on the spokes depending on the thickness of the threads. Then the band is tied. And, starting with the next row, on each side increase the number of loops. At the same time, between the widening edges, a pattern is conceived. Knitted shawls can be made with knitting needles in another way, by typing the necessary number of loops along the length of the wide side. In this case, instead of increasing on each side of the product, the number of loops is reduced. The third way is knitting from the edge. There are also several loops, then in each row add loops, but only on one side.

Stitches can also be knitted with both knitting needles and crochet. They can be different in size, made of a variety of threads depending on their purpose. Summer knitted shawls and stoles knit from thin cotton or linen threads. More optimal option - natural cotton thread with the addition of viscose. Winter products are better knit from threads, in which there is a content of wool, angora, etc. The thickness of the thread depends on the selected pattern for the product. Regardless of which model the designer has conceived, a pattern pattern is pre-made. This is done in order to calculate the required number of loops for the size of the product, taking into account the thickness of the thread, the size of the spokes or hook and the density of knitting.

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