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Fetal movement during pregnancy

The first movements of the fetus during pregnancy. The name of this moment is eagerly awaited by every future mother. The feeling of these gentle, subtle movements leads to indescribable ecstasy, to great joy. Emotions can not be expressed in words. Now Mamoka will know when her baby is awake, and when she is fast asleep. And let many women complain about the sick tremors, even this is insanely nice.

The kid begins his first movements at a time of only seven weeks. Of course, Mom still can not feel it, because the baby is still only ten centimeters long. Sensitive movements of the fetus during pregnancy will occur much later, the time interval is quite wide, from 14 to 26 weeks. In this case, a woman of different births will notice the shocks earlier than the one that is going to give birth for the first time. Affects the sensations and physique of the mother. A thin woman will feel much earlier than full.

What are the movements of the fetus during pregnancy? This question is very difficult to answer. This can be felt as a slight stroking from the inside or a slight gurgling.

Quite often it happens that mom takes the baby's movements for a simple bubbling in the abdomen. Later manifestations of activity can also be related to the position of the fetus in the uterus. For example, if his legs and hands are directed inward, then the mother simply can not feel the movements.

After the woman began to feel excellently the fetus during pregnancy, another concern arises with the activity of the baby. Many mothers are very worried, if at least a day did not feel the movements. Approximately up to 20 weeks, this is considered the norm. If after this period, activity was not observed within 24 hours, it is better to contact a physician.

During the period of 24-28 weeks the baby shows the greatest activity. Later, at 28-32 weeks, the baby develops a certain regimen. At one time he sleeps, the other is the most mobile.

But we must not forget that the fetus is not yet born, but a person and he has days when he wants to push his mother as close as possible with his heels, and there are those who want to just relax and sleep sweetly.

Many mothers notice that if she moves, the fetuses do not feel during pregnancy, but if you just sit or lie down, the baby starts to show its activity right away. Everything is explained quite simply. When mom moves, the baby just falls asleep, as if rocking. And when she stops, the baby immediately wakes up. That's why most pregnant women notice that only they go to bed, as the child immediately starts to kick.

After 28 weeks, it is recommended that you do a test to move the fetus. It is done twice a day. In the morning, when activity is small and in the evening, when it is at its peak. Before testing, it is convenient to sit in the chair or on the bed and record the time. Consider all the movements of the baby: tremors, coups. Counting 10 movements, we look at the time. Ideally, there should be 10 shocks in 10 minutes (or slightly more).

If the right amount of stirring does not occur within an hour, you need a snack and a little later again to take the test. If again the desired result does not occur, it is better to visit the doctor as soon as possible. Of course, this does not always indicate any problems. But, on the other hand, low activity is a restless signal and can speak, for example, of fetal hypoxia. Therefore, it is better to be safe.

The wiggling during pregnancy at a later date is so strong that it causes considerable pain. The kid can kick on the ribs, while strongly pushing the cervix. Sensations are not pleasant. Often helps to calm the naughty simple change of position. For a while he will calm down.

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