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Immoral behavior or 15 year old and pregnant.

Strange as it may sound, today the immoral behavior of teenagers has become the norm. And almost everywhere, now and then hear condemnations of the adult generation - 15 year old and pregnant. But I would like to find out if the 15-year-old girls are guilty in all of this, or whether the adults who blame them are also responsible for this.

It is believed that from the moment when the parents allow the girl to be friends with a guy in an adult and begin their responsibility for a possible pregnancy. And since today, a 15 year old and pregnant girl is not a rare phenomenon, we can conclude that parents are immoral.

What to do to prevent pregnancy in 15 years.

First, every parent must learn for themselves that it is unacceptable to allow a girl to walk at night. Just think, what can you do on the street with the onset of darkness? Also, some parents act rashly, letting girls off to various discos, this does not mean that the child should become a recluse. But the range of his interests can be considered by parents at an early age in the development of the girl. In this case, it means walking in sports sections, or interests related to languages, music, etc.

Secondly, the atmosphere within the family is very important, parents should not be occupied only with work or with themselves. It is important that there is a friendly atmosphere in the house so that each member of the family necessarily shares and consults with each other. After all, children often suffer from inattention and misunderstandings of their parents.

Thirdly, one should never ignore a girl when she wants to tell you about the first love or failure in love. You should always be supportive for her, and even if she has already made some mistakes, do not scold, and try to help them fix it.

And what if your daughter is already 15 years old and pregnant?

Well, first, in this situation, you need to calm down and not panic. Then necessarily make an appointment with the girl to see a doctor-gynecologist. And if there are no serious contraindications, do not advise the child at all, do an abortion. It is known that pregnant women in 15 years who have made abortions often afterwards can not have more children.

Next, you need to solve the problem with the father of the child, because the sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of sixteen is criminally punishable. And if the father and mother of the future baby, with the consent and their parents, are ready to legalize relations, in some cases the criminal responsibility is canceled by the court decision. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think soberly that you will win by imprisoning your daughter's child's father. And if you go to a meeting, then a young, but still a family, is formed.

Facts about teenage pregnancy.

Pregnant adolescents are worried about the same midwifery issues as 20-30-year-old women, with the only difference being that 15-year-old pregnant women have a greater risk of miscarriage and premature birth. According to statistics, it is known that premature births and low birth weight are most often found in adolescent girls. The researchers argue that this is due to the fact that adolescents rarely receive prenatal care, and if they use it, it is only in the third semester of pregnancy. Because of the lack of proper guidance by a young mother's doctor, babies born to adolescents are more likely to suffer from any childhood illnesses than children of older mothers.

Also, many teenage mothers put their lives at risk and the correct development of the baby in the womb due to malnutrition, so characteristic of their age. There are also attempts to lose weight due to diets, and skipping meals, coming from fashion for diets, and eating only fast food and sandwiches.

Also, a 15 year old and pregnant girl is more at risk of dying during childbirth than older mothers.

But all this is dust, compared with the fact that another person may soon be born.

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