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Tattoo on the shoulder. The lion to fill - and symbolic, and beautiful

The presence of images on the body today, of course, no one is surprised. Quite often there is, for example, a tattoo on the shoulder. The lion is filled with women and men. However, not everyone knows about its meaning. Having made such a tattoo on the shoulder, you do not just decorate yourself with an exquisite image. You put an ancient symbol on your skin. What does this tattoo mean on the shoulder? The lion is depicted by those who want to distinguish themselves due to its rich meaning and profound symbolism. So, more.

Tattoo on the shoulder. The lion is portrayed for a reason

Let's start with the most important thing. First, what can we say about this tattoo on the shoulder? The lion is depicted as a symbol of respect and royal authority. As a rule, it is people with a strong character who bear such a sign. To make a tattoo on the shoulder (lion) is recommended to the natures noble, courageous, powerful, majestic, wise, fair. In addition, this animal symbolizes also the mind, strength, independence. But the main significance is precisely sovereign power and inaccessibility.

The image of two lions sitting with their backs to each other is also filled. Such a picture symbolizes balance and balance.

Before turning to the master to request an image, you need to think carefully about what it will be. A sitting animal, for example, speaks of calm and self-control in all situations. The attacking lion, on the contrary, testifies to the ability to stand up for oneself. A roaring beast warns that the owner of the tattoo is a very strong personality. But if the image is stuffed by a woman, she wants to tell others about family wisdom, motherhood, devotion to the family hearth. This is a demonstration of willingness to stand up for your child, no matter what happens.

In different countries and cultures

Thus, the tattoo of the lion on the shoulder in Europe is most often a symbol of courage and power, greatness and dignity, justice and wisdom, balance and harmony, fidelity and purity, nobility and even ferocity. Among the peoples of East and South Asia and Africa, this image speaks of the supreme divine power, the power of fire and the greatness of the sun. They are also deposited there in memory of the deceased, as amulets and totems.

The Buddhist lion, depicted on his shoulder, is a symbol of masculinity, nobility and fortitude. In addition, they believe that such a tattoo brings good luck and happiness. Christians in the form of a lion also represent God.

Who else does the tattoo?

However, some people just want to paint a beautiful figure on the body. With the question "what does the tattoo" Lion "mean on the shoulder?", They can not give an answer.

One more case. Such a tattoo is stuffed by those born from July 23 to August 22 - under the sign of Leo. In principle, these people, in addition to such qualities as love, generosity and cordiality, are also endowed with arrogance, and the desire to command, to be a leader. This also explains everything.

Lions are night creatures. And this time of day is an ancient symbol of the subconscious. Therefore, the lion is also depicted as a control over it.

The animal is also considered a symbol with roots in mythology and religion. The lion and personifies them, regardless of the sketch you have chosen.


So, let's sum up. A rich symbolism is given to the tattoo "Lion" on the shoulder. Photos of these images are always present in the catalogs of each professional master. And each of them is endowed with some meaning. And this is not surprising, because it is natural for a person to give specific representatives of fauna a specific symbolism, just watching them.

What is the value of giving your tattoo, everyone decides for himself. Naturally, in most cases - it's royalty. No wonder the strong and noble lion was often depicted on the monarchic arms, if we recall the heraldry.

Well, and, of course, such a tattoo designates those spiritual qualities that a person would like to have, or those that he already feels in himself. Men try to point out this image to justice and wisdom, which, in turn, correlates with the concepts of royal justice and noble honor. The animal also symbolizes fidelity and power.

Personalizes the lion himself as a predator, and also strength, courage, ferocity, power and greatness. This is explained both by the real possibilities of the animal, and by the mythological implication present.

Some people fill the image of a lion as a religious symbol. Some - put in the image of the creator and, at the same time, the destroyer.

Well, as for the style of tattooing, there are no restrictions. Just approaching the choice of the sketch is with great attention, as, indeed, to any image.

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