What to do when broilers fall to their feet

Today, chicken meat is popular. It is tender, healthy and dietetic. In addition, its price is more affordable than other types of meat. But if earlier in the households lived ordinary birds, today many people prefer to grow broilers.

When growing domesticated birds there is nothing unimportant, everything should be given special significance. Broilers are considered easy to care for, but it is not worth neglecting them at all. They need to be grown in warm and comfortable rooms, the temperature in which should vary from 26 to 30 degrees. The cold habitat only inhibits the growth of the bird. But there are cases when broilers fall to their feet. This is a common problem and it must be fought with.

Since birth, chickens need a full meal (special mixed fodder), fresh greens and sufficient vitamins in food. Full growth is also affected by the area of the cage or the room in which the birds grow. The higher the density, the greater the probability of death of the baby. In addition to all this, from the age of three weeks the bird should take sunbathing. Broilers fall to their feet due to a lack of vitamins, an uncomfortable place to live or if they do not receive the necessary food. Chickens should be given a mash on the basis of sour milk. It consists of crushed wheat, chalk, ground grass, vitamin supplements and fish oil.

It is believed that broiler chickens fall to their feet due to the following factors: close cell, low temperature, or saving on mixed fodders. A small bird needs warmth, a dry premise and vitamins. If these elementary rules are observed, problems should not arise. But there are other causes of this problem, for example rickets. It affects the joints on the legs, and then the broilers fall to their feet. The disease can occur because of a lack of vitamin D2 or because of a long stay in a damp room. It is recommended to take out the birds or take the cage with them in the sun and fresh air as often as possible. That's why it's best to buy broilers in the spring so that all those months when they grow, the weather was warm.

The main task of the owner is to constantly monitor the bird's well-being. Some, on the contrary, take too much care of broilers, for example, cleaning their cage daily. This is wrong, since many microelements are obtained from the floor. When they are deprived of the necessary nutrients, they become weak, sluggish and sick. In such cases, broilers fall to their feet. Therefore, to clean the habitat of the bird need not more than 1-2 times a week. If all the above conditions are met, but the trouble still happened, you can go to the desperate last step - to give the chicken a vodka. Very often this method helps.

For prevention, the owner can always buy vitamins for chicken broilers. They start to be given from the fifth day. They consist of vitamin A, E, and also D2. Such a preparation can be manufactured independently. This requires oil solutions A, E and D2. They need to be poured into 10 ml in 500 ml of water, shake the mixture and put in a cold place. This solution is used 2 times a week, adding to the mash. Overdosing threatens to poison the bird, so you should be careful with this.

Follow the advice above and your chickens will be strong and healthy.

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