"Revlon", foundation: shades, composition, reviews. Cosmetics "Revlon"

Correctly selected masking base is one of the most important aspects in make-up. "Revlon" - a foundation lotion that meets all the requirements of modern ladies, it is guaranteed to give the face an amazing smoothness and freshness.


Its firm place in the arena of cosmetic products for face correction has long been occupied by the firm Revlon. The tonal cream of its production for today represents a wide range of products that are distinguished by an acceptable price for the consumer, excellent quality and good natural composition. Its development began in the thirties of the last century, first in the United States of America, where products were quickly appreciated, and after and in other countries of the world.


Now every Russian woman knows what Revlon is. The tonal cream of this manufacturer is able to emphasize the natural beauty of a modern lady, ideally hiding all possible imperfections and without creating a mask effect on the face. The product is sold in small glass bottles, equipped with convenient pumps for dosing. The cream itself has a pleasant thick consistency, which is more than economically consumed, perfectly lays on the skin without stains and divorces. The product looks natural, and experts advise to use a finger brush rather than finger pads for better effect when applying a masking base.

Main factors

All cosmetics "Revlon" is of high quality. It is light and pleasant on the skin, does not bring discomfort and perfectly highlights all the best qualities of its owner. The cream perfectly masks, especially note its effectiveness in the gentle area around the eyes. He does not clog his wrinkles and does not roll down during the day, on the contrary, he lies down gently and looks natural even with a strong facial expression. In part of the funds, in order to mitigate the sharpness of the effect, the manufacturer added brilliant microparticles, which help create the most fresh and rested kind of skin.


Enriched with a large number of special care substances, pigments that hide even the smallest flaws on the skin, "Revlon" (foundation cream). Reviews about it indicate a number of distinctive features in the composition of this cosmetic product. It contains:

  • Salicylic acid. Known to many as the first remedy against skin imperfections, it copes particularly well with various kinds of redness and inflammation.
  • Extract of mallow. It has excellent regenerating and moisturizing properties, thanks to which it perfectly fights against the problem of new rashes, prevents their appearance and makes the face well-groomed and fresh.
  • Proteins of silk. They make the skin really smooth, which is often noted in their reviews by girls using Revlon Colorstay - a foundation cream, and other matting agents from the line that literally gave the tired skin a beautiful fresh look.
  • Extracts of lilies and orchids. Perfectly soften the skin, renew it, it is thanks to them that the base lies smoothly, does not dry the face, lasts for twenty-four hours, creating the effect of velvety and the necessary moisturizing.

According to the manufacturer, the right choice of the appropriate means, corresponding to the type of skin and all necessary requirements, falls perfectly, leaving no noticeable boundaries and is able not only to hide the defects that already exist, but also to prevent the appearance of new imperfections, as well as to cure the already existing inflammations.

Choosing the right tool

Cosmetics "Revlon" is now presented in a large assortment. In such a variety of all kinds of tonal means, qualitative and meeting the majority of requirements, it can be difficult to determine. To get as close to your skin as possible a natural shade and to avoid all possible mistakes in choosing, you should trust the advice of professional cosmetologists:

  1. The first thing to do is determine your skin type. Fat and dry it depends not only on individual characteristics, but also on a certain season. So, in summer the sebaceous and sweat glands work much more strongly, and in the winter even the face prone to the appearance of a fat gloss can become dry due to frequent changes in temperature.
  2. Having decided on the type of skin, it is necessary to decide in what form the remedy will be more preferable. It can be liquid (foundation), semi-liquid (cream powder) or dry (just powder). As a rule, liquid cream "Revlon Color" prefer more than others because of ease of application, its durability, maximum adaptation to the complexion and any type of skin. But such a liquid base is not very convenient to carry with you, so that during the day, periodically correct make-up. In such cases it is advisable to pay attention to powder (if the skin is prone to fat content) or cream powder (for normal and dry skin type).
  3. When choosing the right tonal remedy, experts recommend taking into account its important features, such as density, dullness, preventive effect. If lightness is preferable in makeup, and there are almost no imperfections on the face, the basis is hard to acquire for a fatty type, it is important for the fatty skin type to enter into the composition of the cream of useful medicinal substances, and the haze indicates prolonged firmness of the product.
  4. The final choice consists precisely of these two important aspects - radiance or dullness. Revlon - foundation, which offers a lot of optimal for each type of face options.

Main Features

With age, the skin tends to change its predilections, it is important to consider when choosing the right tonal remedy. What ideally suited a few years ago now can lead to excessive fat content, and vice versa. Clearly identify the above items and proceed with the selection. Palette Revlon is rich in a variety of shades, for girls with perfectly white and very dark skin. Here it is important to highlight the main qualities of each product and to understand which of them will be the most priority, help to highlight beauty or hide serious visible shortcomings.

Colorstay Liquid Makeup Combination / Oily

One of the company's best products, according to most customers. Of a number of advantages, they emphasize:

  • Complete absence of oily shine;
  • Matting for a long time;
  • Ease of application and its resistance;
  • There is no unpleasant sensation of the film on the face;
  • The skin looks fresh and velvety;
  • A rich palette of shades;
  • Very pleasant price.

"Revlon Color Stey" deservedly receives the highest score and is in great demand among customers. This product is specially designed for the care of oily skin, so it not only matte it qualitatively, but, thanks to its excellent composition, perfectly normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands, does not clog pores. It has a thick, dense texture that perfectly covers all the imperfections, is consumed in small quantities - there is enough cream on the whole face with a small pea. Bottles in thirty milligrams are enough for three months, or even more. The price of the cream varies between 800-900 rubles.

Custom Creations

No other company produces analogues to this product. It is characterized by high resistance, unusualness and convenience of its design, it is a masking remedy for Revlon. The tonal cream is good at once on a number of parameters:

  1. It is ideal for girls who find it difficult to determine the tone, as it gives an excellent opportunity to mix and try several shades at once.
  2. With its help you can cope with the sculpting of the face, without resorting to buying a few more jars with darker and light colors.
  3. Completely eliminates the error when choosing, having a rich palette.
  4. Suitable for any season and shade of skin, you can use throughout the year the same jar of this remedy from Revlon.

The tonal cream, reviews about which are exceptionally positive, has excellent matting and masking abilities. It is universal, includes good protection from sunlight, has a gentle, pleasant unobtrusive aroma. In the jar there are only four colors, which, when the cap is rotated, are dosed and mixed a little, thus guaranteeing an ideal smooth tone on the skin. There is such a multifunctional tool only 800 rubles, this is an ideal option for dry and normal skin of all shades.

Colorstay Makeup

Another product that meets all the wishes of modern ladies, from the company "Revlon". The toned cream with a dispenser has a dense velvety structure providing dense uniform, and most importantly - a long-term coating. The girls note that he keeps at least sixteen hours, and absolutely does not require correction:

  1. Ideal for oily and normal skin (has a slight drying effect).
  2. Includes a rich palette of hues for every taste.
  3. Perfectly aligns the skin, lies a thin, but dense layer and hides absolutely all the imperfections existing on it.
  4. An excellent option for summer or especially special occasions, which require maximum durability from make-up.
  5. For daily use it can be used pointwise, covering only the necessary areas of the skin.
  6. It does not roll down, it does not flow, it has a pleasant price of only 500 rubles.

"Revlon Color Stey" has been in demand for many years due to a wide range of its positive qualities, it keeps as much as it takes, does not roll down, is economical in consumption. For many, this cream has become a real discovery and an opportunity not only to smooth out the complexion, but also to forget forever what imperfections constantly appear on it.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped

Generous for a variety of shades, the company released a unique product of its kind, which was immediately appreciated by most customers. Revlon Colorstay - a foundation lotion that many girls liked for a number of reasons:

  • Effect - the cream fits perfectly on the skin, does not dry it and does not zhirnit, does not spread out during the day and for a long time keeps dullness;
  • Coating - does not create a mask on the face, almost invisible, but very large shortcomings can not hide for these reasons, additional proofreader services are needed;
  • Application - the consistency is moderately dense, due to which the cream lies flat and very economical.

The product costs a little more than its counterparts, usually it can be purchased for 1100-1200 rubles, it does not completely clog pores and well heals existing pimples.

Colorstay Mineral mousse

Has an attractive composition with a high degree of protection from sunlight, this product is ideal for a number of aspects from Revlon. Toned cream for oily skin is good for a number of indicators:

  • Contains many beneficial skin minerals;
  • Perfectly hides traces from the post-acne;
  • Slightly dehydrates the oily skin and matures it well;
  • Lies weightless, does not score pores.

The product works fine on oily skin, and on dry it can emphasize all the imperfections. He is very persistent, does not stain clothes, worn perfectly all day, requires minimal correction and is well removed with the help of an ordinary tonic. The average cost is 800 rubles.

Skin Matching Makeup

Very gentle and light product from the company "Revlon". Tonal cream has a unique feature - when reacting with the skin, it literally adapts to the desired shade in just a few seconds. Lays down an even layer, does not roll down at all, well humidifies or wets. This is the ideal remedy for those who have no serious imperfections on their face. The cream is not able to hide them, which marks a number of reviews, but its weightless pleasant texture literally nourishes the skin with freshness, providing it with a beautiful rested look throughout the day. It is worth the product in the area of 600 rubles.


Of all the obvious qualities of the masking foundations of the company "Revlon", we can single out a number of basic ones that perfectly characterize all the products as a whole:

  • Ease of use, application to the skin and excellent durability of the cream;
  • Excellent masking indicators, with which absolutely all customers are satisfied;
  • Naturalness on the skin and a rich choice of all kinds of shades;
  • More than an acceptable price.


It is difficult to assess the product of such a high quality negatively, but there are also a number of dissatisfied customers who noted the skin peeling after application of the cream and its high density. This fact points exclusively to the improper selection of this remedy and the use of its drying option for the skin and so prone to dryness.

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