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Precious Seconds

"When you are happy, enjoy every second and carefully store these precious seconds in a casket of memories." Perhaps someday they will help you get back to life. " Stunning words .. In them, it would seem, there is nothing special, but nevertheless they contain a deep meaning.

After reading these lines, you involuntarily recall some moments from your own life, events, thanks to which you were happy, who left their imprint in your history. Here, for example, what came to your mind? Maybe this "something" is connected with your family? And maybe with a loved one or a close friend? Most likely you for a moment froze, because unexpectedly for yourself, I felt a strong stream of thoughts, and maybe the images that accompanied them. You again and again experienced those same emotions .. On the face slowly, but surely, the most lovely "curve" - your smile began to be formed. Perhaps such moments are also precious in their own way, are not they? ;)

Yes .. today people need the most positive emotions. This is a peculiar problem of our century. There are too many things around that can vilify the bright ideas of people about what surrounds them. Every day, going out of the house, going to work / school or college, a person encounters something that, perhaps, does not fit into his mind at all. And in this case it does not really matter what ideology he adheres to. After all, all of us are peculiar, even somewhere deep inside, hope for the best. But these are just general phrases. Let's go directly to the very statement, taken as a thesis at the beginning of the article.

The first sentence is not difficult to perceive and understand. In addition, we already touched on this at the very beginning. But what is the semantic load that bears the end of this quote? How can we help "return to life" what is already in the past, which, perhaps, will never happen again? Looking at these questions, you probably started quickly sorting through your head some examples from the past, trying to remember something that, if necessary, would help you look at everything optimistically. But .. what if nothing came to mind? This is not an occasion for feelings and sadness in any of its manifestations. Do you know why? Because this circumstance does not mean at all that your "box" is empty. No, of course not. Just remember today, or even yesterday. Have not you been happy for a second? And what about the smile dear to a person, the certainty that he is doing well? Does not this alone give you cause for joy? And dozens of such moments ... even hundreds!


Yes .. if you look at everything from this point of view, you can come to the conclusion that those "precious seconds" that just as necessary "bring us back to life" simply overflow our "boxes". So let's not lose sight of one day, because we will never be able to live it again .. Memories related to him, will remain with us for many years and will still draw on our face the most stunning "curve"!

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