The drug 'Bronhomunal': instructions for use

In the period of viral epidemics, many are beginning to think about how to avoid infectious colds and maintain health. And for this it is very important to strengthen immunity. There are a large number of doctors' recommendations in this regard. If folk remedies do not give the desired result, you can turn to medications.

So, the drug "Bronhomunal" instruction recommends taking to stimulate the body's natural defenses against infectious diseases of the respiratory tract. By taking the remedy, the frequency and severity of such diseases is reduced.

Apply immunomodulatory drug "Bronchomunal" (the instruction notes this) when treating infections in combination with other medicines, as well as for the prevention of diseases such as bronchitis, otitis, rhinitis, laryngitis and others.

The composition of the drug includes lyophilized bacterial lysate, which most often cause the listed diseases. Contraindication to use is sensitivity to the components contained herein. During the waiting period for the baby and breastfeeding, Bronchomunal does not recommend the use of the drug, as its effect on the fetus and the body of a woman during this period is poorly understood. Do not prescribe medicine for exacerbation of acute intestinal disease, as its effectiveness will be greatly reduced.

Take the drug in the morning before eating. The drug is drunk on one capsule in the acute period of the disease, if necessary, can be combined with the course of antibiotic treatment. Total therapy lasts 10 days. Next, the remedy is used for 2 more months, drinking 10 capsules each and making a 20 day interval between courses.

With preventive purposes, the medicine is drunk 3 times for 10 days, observing a 20-day interval. It is advisable to begin reception on a certain day of each month, for example, from the 1st date.

There has been no report of an overdose of the drug.

The tool "Bronhomunal" instruction for children who have not reached the age of 12, does not recommend appointing. For babies another dosage form is produced.

Side effects are very rare, including abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, and hypersensitivity. In the first days of consumption, the temperature may slightly increase.

The drug "Bronhomunal P" instruction advises taking children. Its difference from the adult form is that the capsule contains 3.5 mg (rather than 7 mg) of lyophilized bacterial lysate. Before using the product, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician who will determine the regimen. If there are any unpleasant symptoms while using the medication, it is canceled. In the case when the child is too small and can not self-swallow the capsule, its contents spill onto the spoon, dilute with a small amount of fluid and is given to the baby.

There were no clinical manifestations of drug interaction with other drugs. It does not affect the concentration of attention required for driving a car or working with moving machinery.

The pharmacokinetics of the preparation "Bronchimulan" does not provide the instruction, since the effect of the agent is the combined effect of the substances that make up its composition, from the fact that it is impossible to carry out studies in this direction. In fact, this drug is an immunomodulator on a bacterial basis.

Both patients and doctors respond about the remedy, mostly, positively. They note its effectiveness in the treatment and prevention of infectious colds. Despite the fact that the drug is relatively harmless, it must be stored so that it is not accessible to children. The temperature in the room where the medicine is stored should not be more than 25 degrees.

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