"Nemo" is the only water park in Yeisk and the best in its surroundings!

The city of Yeisk is just gaining its popularity as a resort center. And this is an excellent occasion to choose it as a place of residence during your summer vacation. There are not many vacationers here, and the prices for accommodation and entertainment are available. There is also an aqua park in Yeysk, which means that your holiday in this city will be interesting and full.

"Nemo": water entertainment for the whole family

The center of water attractions is designed for family visits. For the convenience of visitors, the territory of the water park is divided into separate zones, each of which has its own purpose. There is a safe swimming pool with slides for the youngest, attractions for teens, extreme entertainment for adults, as well as relaxation areas and an artificial beach. The water park in Yeisk is a place where you can spend a whole day with pleasure. Right on the territory of the complex there are cafes where you can have a full dinner with the whole family or have a snack. The abundance and diversity of water attractions and accompanying entertainment will not let even the most demanding vacationers get bored.

Aquapark in Yeysk: photo and description of slides

Kids at the age of 3 years can splash with pleasure in the children's pool, the depth of which is only 60 centimeters. There are also small bright slides, absolutely safe for this tender age. Adult slides are designed for those who are already 14 years old. However, those who are still "not mature" before them, will also not be bored. After all, in the family zone of the water park there is an attraction "Multislide", on which you can go down with your parents or friends, as well as the extreme descent "Kids Freephone", whose height equals a four-story house. The water park in Yeisk offers decent entertainment for adults. There is also an extreme descent "Kamikaze", and bound "roller coaster" and other interesting attractions.

The rules of visiting and the exact address of the center of water activities

The water park works in two shifts, each of which is 4 hours. The first session starts at 10.00, the second at 15.00. Also you can buy a daily subscription, giving the right to visit the water park from 10.00 to 19.00. The cost of one session (4 hours) for adults - 800 rubles, for children - 700 rubles. The daily subscription is for people over 14 years old - 1000 rubles, and for those who have not yet reached this age, 900 rubles. We draw your attention, the water park in Yeisk "Nemo" is open-air, you can visit it only in the holiday season in favorable weather. The exact address of the water recreation center: Yeisk, Schmidt Street, possession 6. You can get here by shuttle bus number 4 (stop "Berdyanskaya Street") or No. 7 (the terminal station "Aquapark").

Reviews of visitors to the water park "Nemo"

Annually the complex of water attractions "Nemo" visits a lot of holidaymakers, who stopped in Yeisk and the surrounding area. The water park pleases the guests of the resort with a variety of descents and convenient zoning by age. In general, the water park in Yeisk "Nemo" reviews is positive. However, some visitors complain about long lines and high prices. At the height of the tourist season, especially on weekends, there are many visitors in the water park. "Nemo" is today a unique entertainment complex in the city of Eisk and therefore its popularity is easily explained. The least guests in the water park on weekdays in the morning. As for the cost of visiting and eating on the territory of the complex, the prices practically do not differ from similar complexes of water attractions located in neighboring cities. At the same time, according to some parameters, Nemo is much more interesting and better than some other water parks located in this region.

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