The ventilation duct is plastic. Kitchen design with ventilation box: photos and reviews of housewives

Very often in kitchens in flats of high-rise buildings horizontal tin ventilation ducts pass. Of course, such elements are unlikely to be an ornament of the interior. Therefore, they are usually changed to more modern and aesthetic plastic mines. However, such a variant often requires additional registration. Do not fit too well into the interior of kitchens and vertical structures.

What are the plastic boxes and how can they be issued?

To date, many types of such mines are produced. Plastic boxes can have a variety of shapes (round, square, rectangular) and dimensions. Also available in different colors (white, "wooded", monochrome color). If you do not find the right shade, you can buy any plastic ventilation box and arrange it yourself. Similar elements can be:

  • Stain in any colors.
  • Pasted with wallpaper or self-adhesive film.
  • Cover with drywall sheets.
  • Wrap PVC sheets of any color.

Of course, the masking of the box in the event that it has small dimensions, no one will cause difficulties. Both the horizontal and vertical version can be simply hidden in the kitchen. With large mines, things are much worse. Categorically, it is not recommended to reduce their section. In this case, you simply leave without the ventilation of the neighbors, and you, in the end, still have to perform the restoration of the vent box. However, you should not get upset and down. Below we will look at interesting ways to design plastic ducts and vertical ventilation shafts, using which you can turn these elements into even decorating the kitchen.

Use of custom made furniture

So, to hide the vent box - due to its rather large size - in the cabinet failed. What to do? In this case, first of all, it is worth trying to advantageously beat this box with interior items. You may need to make a kitchen set to order. For example, you can buy very high furniture and disguise the box under the cabinet.

The corner vent (photo below), even very large, is easy to "hide" behind the lower and upper cabinets of a suitable width. The remaining central part can be finished with the same tile as the apron over the countertop. The upper part is decorated with the same material as the walls.

The horizontal old box will best be replaced by a modern plastic flat model. In this case, the height of the headset is chosen in such a way that the ventilation passes from the top directly to the cabinets. If they are wide enough, perhaps the box can be completely invisible.

How to make the mine invisible by finishing

Very often vertical and horizontal boxes are decorated with the same finishing material as the walls. This is another good way to make ventilation as small as possible. Sometimes in the kitchens, plastic boxes are also installed that match the color of the walls. In both of these cases, a vertical box is often hung with either a picture or a flat TV. If there is enough free space near the shaft, it is possible to arrange shelves for storing kitchen utensils. The main thing is to ensure that the ventilation box at the same time fits into the design of the room as harmoniously as possible. Also very often ventilating vertical shafts are stuffed with hooks and hangers are hung here ladles, noise, beautiful cutting boards, etc.

Mask the horizontal shaft

Currently, as already mentioned, you can purchase a horizontal ventilation duct (plastic) of absolutely any cross-section. In the event that you buy a flat and wide, it will be easy to hide it under a hinged or tensioned structure. However, this option is suitable, of course, only for kitchens with very high ceilings. The thickness of even flat boxes is quite significant (not less than 5 cm).

Select mine

A beautiful kitchen with a ventilation box is quite real. Moreover, in the arrangement of the premises, you can not mask the construction we are considering, but focus on it. In this case, the mine becomes an independent design element. Of course, this is a much more complicated method than described above. It is necessary to have a fairly developed sense of style and an ideal taste, so as not to spoil the interior of a conspicuous ridiculous cumbersome detail. In any case, if you are not confident in your own abilities, you can always entrust this work to a professional designer. Those who are confident in themselves, we will tell several ways to decorate the box in this way.

Mirror shaft

Today the most original and unusual finishing materials can be found on sale. It is not necessary to buy expensive and requiring constant wiping mirrors. You can just buy a special film. Such a mirror material used to be used primarily for finishing clubs and restaurants. Now such a film is often used to decorate living quarters. It is sold in any building supermarket. By pasting it with a vent box, you can visually expand the room and make it more light. This method is usually used for modern kitchens in high-tech style, or if the mine is located right at the door (from the side).

Using tiles and mosaics

Another very common option for decorating these kitchen elements is the use of ceramics or smalt. Today on sale there is a tile-panel. With its help, you can create a completely unique design of the ventilation box, making it a real ceramic picture. In this case, the walls of the kitchen are usually finished with one-tone tiles from the same set. Of course, such an art pottery is quite expensive. If there is not enough money for such a design, you can show your imagination and create a panel yourself from pieces of old tiles of different shades.

Very beautiful are also boxes, decorated with smalt or tiled mosaic. You can also use a mirror version of it or a metal one.

Kitchen with vent box: Loft style design

At the moment this direction is considered very fashionable. In the kitchen, designed in loft style, both vertical and horizontal shafts usually fit perfectly. Of course, only if they are properly decorated. Vertical box, for example, you can simply trim a facing flat artificial stone "under the old brick." It is not necessary to use material of red clay color. Such an air box - especially if the kitchen is decorated in pastel colors - will certainly look a bit fanciful and pretentious. The shade of "brick" can quite repeat the color of the walls. Even in this case, you will get a real loft.

To achieve the same effect it is possible and with a horizontal box. It is possible to draw it up a bit differently - it's not a plastic mine, but a tin mine. However, this option requires the presence of other loft style elements in the kitchen. Otherwise, the box will look just an inaccurate foreign part.

Reviews on the design of kitchens with ventilation shafts

All the methods described above have the right to exist and are used in many apartments. Of course, the opinion of such a stylish design among housewives is mainly positive. However, the most popular with most apartment owners are two other ways of decorating the ventilation shaft.

The first is to design a vertical box under the column with a fireplace. In this case, an artificial or natural stone (granite or marble) is usually used for cladding. The electric fireplace is installed in the lower part of the "column". If there is no money for such heating equipment, the usual imitation is used. Today on sale you can find very beautiful and stylish false fireplaces.

Of course, in this way, only a large kitchen with a vent box can be framed. The design of a small room with such a massive column is unlikely to be harmonious. Therefore, the owners of such premises are more popular with a slightly different method. In small kitchens, the ventilation shaft very often runs right next to the adjacent wall. In this case, they usually proceed as follows: they close the niche with gypsum board and hide in the resulting "locker" a trash can, and also arrange shelves for all sorts of kitchen utensils not of prime necessity.

As you can see, there are a huge number of ways to decorate mines. Take advantage of them, and you do not have to perform the restoration of the ventilation duct or constantly see yourself in the kitchen a cumbersome clumsy element that spoils the overall picture.

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