Army tattoos - jewelry of real men

Even in peacetime, military service is considered a special test and proof of strength and courage. Let them in our country from February 23 more often congratulate all the representatives of the male, but those of them who are real defenders of the Fatherland, deserve more respect. The army also has its own culture, in the intervals between exercises and dresses, soldiers write and sing songs, write poems, and after the end of the service all men gladly fill in demobilic albums and maintain contacts with colleagues. Not surprisingly, there are special army tattoos. It is very honorable and pleasant to wear a badge on your skin and a memory of days of service.

History of tattoo in the Russian army

It's hard to believe, but tattoos were done by servicemen in Russia back in tsarist times. Sovereign Peter I ordered all soldiers of his army to pierce the cross on his wrist and personal number. Remarkably, these army tattoos were made in a completely primitive and barbarous way. The necessary symbols were cut out on the skin, then the powder was covered in the wounds and a bandage was put on top. The procedure was very painful, but the tattoos were lasting and noticeable. Thanks to this, Peter the Great never had problems with establishing the identity of the dead. There were also tattoos in the Red Army since 1919. At their request, the soldiers pierced the five-pointed star on his shoulder. But with the advent of Soviet power, army tattoos became less popular, and in some types of troops they were officially banned.

Blood type

One of the most popular tattoos for servicemen and the military is the blood group number . Russian soldiers have been massively engaged in such tattoos in Afghanistan. The function of such nakolok was practical, and often tattoos and the truth saved the lives of their owners. Today the blood group is an incredibly popular tattoo in the Airborne, doing it usually on the chest or on the shoulder. However, it is difficult to call this kind of nacelle purely army. Quite often today they stuff a group of blood on their own skin and people who have nothing to do with the army. The value of tattooing is also practical, its owners believe that the image can save their lives during a disaster or accident.

Modern army tattoos and their meaning

Years go by, and motives for tattoos dedicated to military service are virtually unchanged. The most popular are department names or full graphic images of chevrons and other insignia. Symbols are also distributed, one way or another related to military themes. Here the number of variations is enormous - these are weapons, military equipment, anchors and crosses for sailors, parachutes for paratroopers. Very often, army tattoos are also supplemented by years of service or by the name of the settlement in which the service was conducted.

Each type of troops has its own emblem

There are some common symbols in the culture of army tattoos. The bat is a symbol of reconnaissance or airborne troops. Interesting are the tattoos of those who served in the North Caucasus. This is a scorpion on the chest, if the stinger is directed upwards, you can be sure, before you the person who participated in the battles. The soldiers of the Marine Corps often decorate their hands with the image of a skull in a bandana, another popular drawing is a globe with an anchor and a dolphin jumping out of the waves. But the image of a polar bear symbolizes service in the ranks of the northern fleet. Army tattoos by military arms often do not need professional interpretation. Text inscriptions are quite popular, like: "For airborne!", "For the Navy!" And others. Paratroopers also often pierce winged swords against the background of shields and uniform berets.

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