Omax watch: the history of the brand, reviews, interesting models

In the world market, Omax watches have proven themselves as good products at an affordable price. They are not deprived of attention in the CIS countries. What explains this popularity of this brand, when it appeared and what are interesting models? Read on, and you will learn the answers to these questions.

Brand History

Omax Watch was founded in 1946 in Geneva (Switzerland). She positioned itself as a manufacturer of luxury automatic and mechanical watches. But over time, she changed her profile.

In the middle of the 20th century, when the company made its first steps in the world market, Swiss watches were delivered to the countries of the Middle East, and now Omax watches are sold on 5 continents and in 66 countries.

With increasing interest in Japanese mechanics, the company began working with Seiko Instruments. In 1985, its management moved to Dubai, production - to China, and the production of modern male and female models began. The Russian consumer got acquainted with them in the early 90s, after the collapse of the USSR. Before that, Omax could only be purchased from seamen and other persons who had the opportunity to travel abroad. Given the strict legislation on speculation, this was quite problematic.

Today, Omax watches are mainly quartz watches at an affordable price, which are suitable for every day and for an exit.

Each year in the model line there are about 50 new products that meet the latest fashion trends.

Omax watches have an accurate Japanese mechanism, which is supplied by Time Module (the owner is Seiko Epson). Its deviation for a month is not more than 20 seconds.

The battery life is about 4 years.

Most models are guaranteed for 2 years.

Fashionable design

For watches today, it is not enough to be precise and durable, their appearance does not matter much. Omax cooperates with young designers who offer new interesting models, but do not forget the classics. For the convenience of buyers, there are two rulers of the watch. The first - Omax Quartz - is a watch with a strict and concise design, the second - Omax Crystal - a watch for people who are not afraid to attract attention. There are classical, sports collections, as well as chronographs. Bracelets can also be different - stainless steel, plastic or leather, made in the usual dark colors, as well as bright. The manufacturer takes into account the fashion trends and boasts options with a case and a bracelet of fashionable color "pink gold".

The watch is made not only from traditional materials, but also from brass, zinc alloys with aluminum and plastic.

What do customers say about Omax watches?

The reviews say that the original Swiss models of the 70-80s can boast of very high quality, which can not be said about modern ones. In view of their very democratic value, the quality of watches is not more than average, from time to time the brand is reproached for copying the designs of other manufacturers. Serious damage to the reputation of Omax is caused by cheap fakes, which can be found in the markets. As for them, it's useless to talk about quality, although the cost is often not much different from the original price.

Interesting models

Omax men's watches under the name Riley can boast of a classic design, which is appropriate in everyday life, and at ceremonial events. Made of stainless steel, mineral glass, strap - made of leather with embossed pattern. On the dial there is a window for the date.

The Wilson Minimalist model justifies its name, it has a strict laconic design that allows the cold shine of a polished steel to show its best.

Cameron - a watch with a bright and memorable design. A double row of numbers, a date window and, of course, a contrasting black bezel, like on diving models. But the latter is just a snag, and do not dive in these hours - they are maximum designed for swimming.

The range of female models is much more modest than that of men. But among them there are interesting specimens. For example, the Abigail model is made in a beautiful chocolate shade, with crystals on the dial. Isabelle - a golden-colored watch, with Roman divisions. And Charlotte is an elegant two-tone model.

All women's watches, as well as men's Riley, have a low level of moisture protection, they can withstand contact with spray and rain, but do not bathe or take a shower in them.

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