Collagen hair wrap: reviews about the procedure

Which girl will give up her dream of smooth hair with a healthy sheen? And if it is possible to translate into reality, and even at home, then a genuine interest begins to appear, how to do it. Even dull, bruised and spoiled hair can be optimally restored using modern spa procedures - wraps. There are several types: silk, keratin, collagen.

Consider a fairly popular option, possible to perform at home. This is a fashionable procedure - a collagen wrap. It helps to cope with the following problems: tangled hair, marked tips, dull tint, lack of elasticity. Collagen wraps hair at home - a quick and fairly simple procedure. She returns strands of healthy shine, softness, smoothness and silky. The result of one application lasts 2 weeks, and with regular application, a cumulative effect with a longer action is obtained.

Prerequisites for collagen wrapping

Under the influence of various factors affecting the hair of the environment, cosmetics, paints and styling tools, they are destroyed. The most negative effect is provided by hair dryers, ploys and ironing. Under their influence in the hair collagen is destroyed, which is their irreplaceable component. As a result, hair gets a dry, lifeless and very brittle structure, which simply requires immediate restoration. Will help to cope with the problem of collagen hair wrap. "What is it?" - All are not indifferent to their appearance. In fact, it is a spa procedure, the purpose of which is to treat or restore the hair structure, saturate them with vital substances, and also correct the visual condition of the hairstyle in the shortest possible time.

Description and technology of the procedure

A collagen wrap is performed in several ways. You can buy a ready-made complex, for example Coolhair, consisting of shampoo and mask. The second option - to prepare yourself the composition, mixing a special base for the conditioner, collagen, keratin and a few drops of argan or orange oil. Apply the mixture to the washed, dried towel and still damp hair. Proportion of components: 3 tbsp. Spoon conditioner and 1 st. A spoon of collagen and keratin. After applying, you should put on a protective polyethylene hat on your hair and wrap it all with a warm towel or handkerchief. Approximately in an hour the composition is washed off with warm water. Masters recommend that the hair dry out on its own. The procedure is performed weekly, depending on the initial state of the strands. Collagen hair wrap, reviews are advised to try a novelty, smoothes and glues the split ends, providing instant visible effect. Even brittle overdryed strands acquire shine and silky smoothness immediately after the procedure.

Collagen wrap at home: the features of the performance

If you have purchased all the necessary ingredients and plan to conduct the procedure yourself, make sure that there are no components that cause allergy in the composition of the products. It is recommended to conduct a routine test to avoid unforeseen consequences. To do this, the product is applied to the inner area of the wrist and left for 30 minutes. If there is no skin reaction, you can safely carry out the procedure. At any, even the smallest reddening it is better to pick up other agent or to replace procedure. In general, the collagen wrap does not contain heavy chemicals and is allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The procedure will take you about 40-60 minutes. Hair will become more dense and obedient. Normalization of water-fat balance and elimination of dandruff are also pluses that guarantee collagen hair wrap. How to do the procedure yourself? Consider an example of one of the most popular means for this.

Coolhair Wrap

The professional kit for collagen wrapping Coolhair is based on two components and, accordingly, the stages. This is a shampoo and mask. The agent can be used for all types of hair. Gives instant effect, does not weight and promotes active growth. After it, you can some time do not use ironing at all, hair without it is smooth and obedient. Collagen wraps hair Coolhair, reviews about which are only positive, you can do both with the master in the salon, and yourself thanks to the simplicity of the procedure. One set is enough for about a month of use.

1. Shampoo

Has a balanced formula containing zinc and amino acids. Due to this, gently and carefully removes skin fat, narrows the pores, eliminates dandruff and accelerates the growth of hair. It nourishes and follicles, saturating them with vitamins and microelements.

2. The mask

After washing, you need to dry the strands, wet them with a towel, and then apply a mask. A polyethylene cap is warmed from above with a towel. Ten minutes warm up. At the end of time, the mask is not washed off, the hair is immediately packed with a hairdryer. Collagen, amino acids, B vitamins and silk in the composition of the drug have an instant restoring effect. Initially, the procedure is designed to repair damaged strands. However, collagen hair wrap, reviews about which are quite common on the Net, is used to smooth, eliminate confusion and smooth out during wet weather. This solution is another problem - laying in the off-season.

Pros and cons of collagen hair wrap

It is important to consider that the remedy is intended only for damaged hair (dyeing, curling, straightening, brightening, thermal exposure). On healthy or simply overdried strands can be the effect of dryness and brittleness due to excessive amounts of protein. Collagen hair wrap, reviews of which indicate the second result as possible, can have a mild or intense effect depending on the composition of the product. If you are not sure which to choose, you should contact the master. The intensive recovery agent is recommended to be applied once every six weeks, and more gentle options involve weekly use due to a cumulative effect.

Hair care after collagen wrap

Immediately after applying the shampoo and mask, you do not need additional balms and serums. Then the procedure is recommended to be repeated every two weeks (separately indicated in the manufacturer's instructions of the remedy). Between the wraps, take care of the hair, as usual. After six to eight weeks, a correction is made. Further, it is necessary less and less often because of the accumulation of nutrients. Collagen wraps hair (photo results can be seen in the article), according to reviews, dramatically changes the appearance of the hairstyle and markedly accelerates the growth of strands.

The remedy can be salutary, especially in cases where the hair is irreparably damaged and the owner decides to take the cardinal step - to part with the damaged strands. It is noteworthy that this is not just an external, but also an internal effect. Collagen hair wrap (reviews emphasize this repeatedly) helps to restore damaged bulbs, on the site of which will grow healthy hair. Do not rush to part with the damaged locks, just use the proven tool.

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