Tomato 'bull heart'

What a summer without juicy and fragrant tomatoes! Would you say it's not a problem to buy imported or greenhouse tomatoes in markets and supermarkets all year round? It's true, but each of us is still waiting with impatience for the time when fragrant summer tomatoes start to ripen, with a thin skin, unusually tasty pulp and unusual oblong form fruits of red or pink color grown in the open ground. Guess what kind of variety we're talking about? Of course, about all known, and many favorite variety "bull heart".

Tomato the bullish heart reminds not only the form, there are specimens that are not inferior in size to the heart of an adult calf!

Before you talk more about this sort of tomato, I'll allow myself a little lyrical digression, a memory from childhood. My grandmother was very fond of her garden, and especially she planted tomatoes. Since February, carefully planted seeds, exposing the boxes with the ground on the windowsill, transferred grown shoots to the greenhouse, and only then planted roots in the open ground in the garden, certainly tied the stems. And in the middle of summer literally buckets collected huge tomatoes, which were distributed to relatives and neighbors, and all invariably they were praised. And it is not surprising, because from one such giant you could have prepared a whole bowl of delicious salad, to feed them the whole family! I really did not really like tomatoes in my childhood.

And when I was 6,5 years old (just before the school), I was put in a hospital for examination, and my mother, when she brought me a transfer, invariably put a big pink or red tomato in the package. I, being a very shy child, for some reason, terribly embarrassed by these huge tomatoes, hid them in a locker with things, and I have them there already accumulated a decent amount in a few days. And then one day the nurse, who was cleaning in the ward, saw how I was hiding something, asked what I was putting there. Realizing that now they will start to scold me, blushing like that tomato, I almost burst into tears and confess that I do not know where to put these hateful vegetables. But a kindly elderly woman, clasping her hands and asking where I got such wealth (and this, it turns out, was a tomato "a bullish pink heart"), asked me to take one on my own and thank my grandmother for such beauty. The rest, cut into 4 parts each, distributed to the kids, who, to my surprise, were very happy, as if they were given not a tomato, but an orange so desired in those times. It was then, for the company, I finally rasprobovala, what is really a tomato "bull heart" delicious! Such is the case.

Tomato "bull heart pink", thanks to its nutritional and dietary qualities is very useful for health. Mature fruits are rich in vitamins C, B, K, sugars, they contain fiber, folic and nicotinic acids, pectin and mineral substances, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, iron, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, iodine. Even I can not believe that for a long time tomatoes were considered poisonous, and they were bred only as a decorative exotic plant. This plant is tall (150-170 cm), the average yield is up to 5 kilograms from the bush in the open field and up to 10-12 kg in greenhouses. According to the terms of aging, it refers to the mid-ripening - maturation after emergence occurs within 125-132 days. On the bush there are fruits of different shapes, sizes and, accordingly, different masses. The largest 2-3 fetuses have a rounded shape weighing up to 400 g and grow on the lowest inflorescences. On the following smaller oval-shaped fruits are formed, their weight is 50-100 g. The variety is medium-resistant to diseases. Large fruits are used for fresh consumption, medium ones are good for preparing various dishes, small ones are suitable for canning.

Tomato variety "bovine red heart" is also grown in film greenhouses and in open ground. Its fruits are heart-shaped, very large, with the first collection reach a weight of 400 grams, with further - up to 200 g. The variety is predominantly salad-dessert, can be used for canning. The main requirement for tomato cultivation technology is the tomato "bull heart" - mandatory Garter of the stem to the trellises as the bush grows and develops. If this is not done, the bushes simply can not withstand the heavy weight of the lower fruits, they break off and, on the ground, begin to rot quickly.

"Bullish heart" - a sort of reliable and time-tested. If you are interested in guaranteed getting a rich harvest, then choose a tomato variety "bull heart" - do not regret it!

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