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Information about the course of weight reduction, its characteristics, composition and feedback. "Lose weight for a week" will help in a short time to get rid of 2-5 kg

If you do not have time, and for a holiday or an important event, you need to get rid of 2-5 kg of excess weight, then the only way out in this case is a low-calorie diet. Of course, this extreme way of losing weight can negatively affect your health, in addition, the excess pounds dropped in a short time are often returned back, but the desire to put on a new dress a couple of sizes smaller, perhaps worth such sacrifices. In most cases, women are resorting to this method of radical weight-loss, so the "Lose weight for a week" nutrition program was developed specially for them, calculated, despite the name, for 5 days of use. This course, packed in a colorful suitcase, contains a set of dry foods that are offered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During this diet, you do not need to worry about your diet, the company "Leovit" has calculated everything for you, enough to brew the contents of the bag with boiling water, let it brew for several minutes and enjoy delicious borscht, porridge, lasagne and other dishes included in the course for losing weight. Agree, this is much more convenient than a normal diet, you no longer need to count servings and carry containers of food with you, enough to put several bags in your bag in the morning, and boiling water can be found everywhere: in the office, hotel, train or plane. In this article you will find the composition, characteristics of the additive and reviews. "Lose weight for a week" - a very popular product, it was released on the market more than 10 years ago. The company has taken care to diversify the menu of suitcases, and now you can choose from a number of sets that take into account the taste preferences of consumers: vegetarian without meat, meat menu, Japanese, Mediterranean, traditional, and several others.

Full information about the weight loss program: composition, characteristics and reviews

"Lose weight for a week" - a set of food produced by the Russian company "Leovit". It does not act like a miracle pill, it will not help you get rid of excess weight without any restrictions in nutrition. The main trick is that the caloric content of the daily ration is only 500 kcal, plus the set contains special drinks that help to clean the intestines. The number of meals should not be less than three: breakfast, lunch and dinner at your usual time. However, keep in mind that the achievement of the promised results, namely the loss of 3-4 kg, you can only expect if you follow the manufacturer's recommendation throughout the diet, there are only those dishes that are in the suitcase. And nothing more. With a strong sense of hunger, which consumers usually complain about in the early days of a diet, you are allowed to eat 1-2 hard-boiled eggs and a few non-starchy vegetables. As already mentioned in the article, the manufacturer offers a choice of several menus, so it's better to choose something that fits your taste preferences, so it will be a little easier to keep to a diet. Also consider that a sharp transition to such an atypical diet requires a positive attitude and willpower, because eating only food from bags even for a short time is quite boring. Also, buyers complain about the monotony in the menu, although there are other negative reviews. "Lose weight for a week" consists of dry foods that are quite appetizing, but this effect is achieved by the addition of various amplifiers, including salt, sugar substitutes and soy flour. There are complaints about several "chemical", unnatural taste of the product. However, the manufacturer claims that all components in the kit have a natural origin, and the composition is balanced by the content of the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Remember that the program "Lose weight for a week" is not a panacea, which will help you lose the required number of kilograms once and for all, and taking into account the extremely low caloric intake, you can use it if you really need to get rid of 2-5 kg of excess weight for Sufficiently short period. The merits of this method have already been mentioned. This convenience of use, fast weight loss in a few days, a very affordable price for the set - 500-700 rubles, as well as a large selection of menu options. But remember that all such systems have "pitfalls." First, there is a risk of return of the weighed kilograms after the termination of a diet. Secondly, the system categorically can not be used for a long time, otherwise you risk causing irreparable harm to your health. Also there is a possibility that when using the complex you will not lose weight at all, this is rare, but it happens. There are similar negative reviews. "Lose Weight in a Week" - albeit a fairly convenient system that allows you to lose excess weight, but it will never replace a proper diet, which, albeit in the long term, but will help you lose weight once and for all, bring your figure and health in order. It is also recommended to exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle in general.

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