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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F: review, description, features and reviews of the owners

A significant smartphone last year was the Samsung S5 model SM-G900F. This device though in appearance and strongly resembles its predecessor, but it has a number of significant differences. It is about its capabilities and characteristics that will be discussed later.


Originally referred to the solutions of premium-class Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F. This is really a flagship device. Characteristics and parameters of it are relevant to this day. Although now there is a more advanced smartphone (we are talking about the flagship 2015 - Samsung S6) from this Korean manufacturer, but in terms of hardware and software parameters the difference between them is not so significant. Therefore, this gadget can still be attributed to the premium segment. At the same time, its value has significantly decreased over the past time. This nuance makes his purchase even more justified. Moreover, it will serve you more than one year and will become a reliable assistant in solving various problems regardless of their level of complexity.

And what do we get in the box when buying?

Although it is the flagship device of the S5, but here it is very modest. It includes, in addition to the battery and smartphone, the following:

  • Interface cord.
  • Quick start guide (there is also a warranty card in it).
  • Charger.

A cover, a protective film and a memory card will have to be bought separately at an additional cost. The same statement applies to the speaker system. It's good if you have good headphones. If they are not available, then we buy them immediately. And to get a good sound, they should be of good quality.


There are a lot of similarities between the S4 and S5 models of the SM-G900F. Most of the front panel in the S5 is a 5.1-inch display, which is protected by a shockproof glass "Gorilla Eye." This device uses the third generation. Under the screen is a typical control panel, which consists of 2 touch buttons (located at the edges of the device) and one mechanical (located in the center of the panel). The finger sensor is integrated into the same mechanical button. This innovation is one of the most important differences between S4 and S5. Above the display are displayed: front camera, distance, light and gesture sensors, LED event indicator and conversational speaker. On the left is the power button, and on the right is the volume control. On the lower edge of the "smart" phone there is a hole of the spoken microphone and micro-UBS format. From the top are: a port for connecting a stereo headset, an infrared port, a microphone for making a loud conversation. On the back cover of the gadget are usually the main camera, dual illumination and loud speaker. Also it should be noted that the degree of protection of the case in this device is IP67. This allows it to be submerged under water to a depth of 0.5 meters and protects from possible penetration of dust inside.

Semiconductor base

Samsung SM-G900F is built on the basis of one of the best computing platforms for mobile devices - Snapdragon 801, which was developed by the leading manufacturer of AWM chips - Qualcomm. This processor consists of 4 modified computing cores based on the architecture of "Krayit 400". All of them are manufactured in a 28-nm process and can be accelerated in peak performance mode up to 2.5 GHz. Now, a year after the sale of this gadget, in the middle segment there are still no devices whose performance level would match the computing capabilities of this chip. Snapdragon 801 without any problems cope with almost any task to date. The only thing with which he definitely has problems is the new 64-bit applications. All its main registers can only process 32 bits per clock cycle. Hence the possible problems with the new software. But while such applications are not so much, and the process of transition is not so fast.


Samsung Galaxy S5 The SM-G900F boasts one of the best displays in its niche. His diagonal is impressive, even by today's standards, 5.1 inches. It is made according to the typical technology for this manufacturer - "Super AMOLED". Its resolution is 1920x1080. The image on it is displayed in the format "FullAidDi". The screen is protected, as already noted, with a special impact-resistant glass "Gorilla Eye" of the third generation. The image quality on this screen does not cause any complaints. Separate pixels on it without special devices with the usual eye are almost impossible to distinguish.

Graphic accelerator

Do not forget the developers to equip the graphics accelerator SM-G900F. Galaxy devices are not always equipped with this component. In this device is installed "Adreno 330". This video card even now belongs to top-end video cards. If you add to this a relatively small display resolution in 1920x1080, then generally there is no problem with processing graphic information. This is quite enough to solve the most resource-intensive tasks for today. The only problem can be the processing of new programs that are optimized for running 64-bit applications. They were already developed for a new "hardware" and definitely will not work on this graphics accelerator. While this software is very little, and the process itself, as already mentioned, goes quite slowly.


The brightest moments of your life can not be easily stored on a digital medium using the main camera in the SM-G900F. It is based on a 16 Mp sensor. There are many modes of its operation at the program level. All this allows you to get pretty high-quality pictures in almost all situations. There is also an autofocus system and, of course, double illumination based on LEDs. With the recording of video clips this camera is also excellent. It can record video in the format of 2160 r with a refresh rate of 30 images per second. There is also the possibility of recording in the 1080p format, but in this case the number of images will be doubled and will be already 60 frames per second. The sensor at the front camera is more modest - 2 MP. This will be enough to make video calls. But "SELFI", received with its help, will be of medium quality.


The capacity of the integrated drive is identical for all devices Samsung SM-G900F - 16Gb. At the same time, part of it is occupied by the pre-installed software, and for the user's needs it is allocated about 11.5 Gb. With reasonable use this should be enough for comfortable work on this device and there will be no shortage with the amount of free space. If you do not have enough built-in Samsung Galaxy SM-G900F 16Gb, then you can increase the amount of memory using an external flash card. The necessary slot is in this device and the maximum capacity of the external drive in this case can reach 128 GB. The RAM in this gadget is 2 GB. Of these, about half (that is, 1 GB) is used immediately by system processes. The rest of the RAM is allocated to the user to run his applications.

Gadget battery and its autonomy

The undeniable advantage of the Samsung SM-G900 F is its autonomy. The device is equipped with a removable battery for 2800 mAh. Add to this screen with a diagonal of 5.1 inches and a resolution of 1920x1080, as well as a productive, but not less energy-efficient processor, and we get 2-3 days of battery life at an average load level. If you watch videos in the Full Full format or play a demanding toy, the specified value will be reduced to 12 hours. You can, of course, use this device at minimum, and in this case you can count on 4 days of battery life. But at the same time the smartphone will turn into a usual "dialer" and will only be able to make calls and send and receive short text messages.

Data exchange

A complete list of the interfaces required for comfortable operation boasts the S5 SM-G900F. Everything is here.

  • The presence of two built-in transmitters of "Vai-Fay" allows to count 300 Mbit / s if there is an appropriate router. Built-in support for the latest version of "Wai-Fay" - "ac". Also, the developers did not forget about the rather old version of it - "a", which is still found on various types of devices. As a result, when loading a large amount of information on this smartphone using this wireless interface, there should be no problems exactly.
  • This smartphone can function in almost all modern mobile networks. There is GSM support (in them the speed is limited to 500 kb / s), HSDPA (in such 3G networks the speed can reach theoretically 42 Mbit / sec.) And LTE (in this case the speed will be higher and can reach 150 Mbit / s.) .
  • There are also in the gadget and "Blutuz". This transmitter allows you to output a sound signal to the wireless acoustics system . Also with its use, you can exchange small photos or videos with similar smartphones. In some cases, also using "Bluetooth", it is possible to synchronize with the PC.
  • Using the infrared port installed in this smartphone and special software, it can be turned into a remote control by a music center, DVD player or TV.
  • This gadget supports the support of two navigation systems: the domestic "GLONASS" and the international GPS. With their help, this "smart" phone can easily become a full-fledged navigator.
  • Another important wireless interface is NFC. Its presence allows you to send and receive large amounts of information from similar devices in minutes.
  • Wired same ways of transferring information in this device are only two: 3.5-mm audio jack and microUSB.


Initially, the Samsung Galaxy SM-G900F operates under the operating system such as "Android" version 4.4. Since March of this year, an update is already available up to version 5.0. Therefore, when you first connect to the Global Web, you can update the system software. Over the operating system installed typical for this line of devices shell - TouchWiz UI. With the help of the latest software component, the user can optimize the interface of this gadget for his needs in a matter of minutes. Otherwise, the set of preinstalled software is standard: social clients, a set of mini-applications from "Google" and the usual set of programs built directly into the operating system itself.

The price of "smart" phone to date

The price for the Samsung S5 SM-G900F starts at $ 400 for the black case version. The rest of its modifications - in white, gold and blue cases - are approximately the same at the moment: from 430 dollars. For comparison, you can bring last year's flagship from the "Sony" - Xperia Z3. With sufficiently similar technical parameters, it will cost considerably more - $ 460. Accordingly, the starting price of $ 400 makes the purchase of this device really justified. In doing so, you get a really high-quality and functional device.

Owners about smartphone

Whatever it was, but the main disadvantage in the opinion of the majority of owners of the Galaxy S5 SM-G900F - 16Gb built-in drive, of which the user can only rely on 11.5 GB. This issue is easily and easily solved by installing an external flash card. Of course, it is not included in the package, and it will have to be bought separately. Otherwise, this gadget boasts of an impressive list of advantages:

  • Protected against moisture and dust.
  • Excellent and flawless main camera.
  • Very productive hardware platform.
  • Not a bad degree of device autonomy.
  • An impressive set of supported interfaces.


Ideal combination of price and quality boasts SM-G900F. It has everything for comfortable and comfortable work, and its characteristics will be relevant for more than one year. All this makes his purchase even now, a year after the start of sales, it is fully justified.

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