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Proverbs about health in the modern world

In the modern world, the speed of life, like its image, has changed dramatically. People began to spend a lot of time on computers, move little and there is a lot of refined food. Proverbs and sayings about health are more relevant than ever today. They can remind people that the most valuable thing in their life is health, how to save it or increase it.

Proverbs about health and their origins

We are used to hearing from parents or grandparents expressions that comment on our right or wrong actions or are parting words and warnings. For example, when young people are identified with a life choice, one can hear the parting words "great ship - great swimming". This desire means that courageous actions make us great and open great prospects.

Proverbs also talk about health. All this is called folklore, but the meaning of this kind of folk art is somewhat greater than just stating a fact or admonishing. For example, "to sit and lie, to wait for illness." Our ancestors also noticed that movement and exercise are beneficial for health and longevity. Any proverbs and sayings about health are centuries-old observations of people, their actions and consequences - "there is soon - not to be healthy".

Even Dahl noticed that "the proverb does not compose, but is born by itself." This is true, it is hardly possible to assign the author of the proverb about health or other aspects of human life to some author. Observation of many ancient people about actions and their consequences, comparison and summing up in a short statement - this is the proverb.

Preservation of personal health as strengthening of health of all people

Our ancient ancestors were sensitive to their health and instilled the same attitude to their children and grandchildren through proverbs about health. The average life expectancy in those days was too small to waste it on misconduct or behavior. "A good man is healthier than an evil", "it is good to live for a long time" - such conclusions were made by the people to lay down correct values in their children.

People could feel great and strong only if most sons and daughters observed the rules of caring for their health, body and spirit. This is how the saying "in a healthy body - a healthy mind", "cleanliness is the guarantee of health", "health is more precious than gold" and many others appeared.

Being brought up in an environment of correct parting words, the youth received habits that made it stronger and healthier. The old people taught the young, and what else they should do: "do not hold fast to bad habits, " who lies a lot, has a pain on his side, "" whoever desires evil, he brings the disease upon himself. "In the environment of such parting words, the children grew up healthy, Hardworking and kind, namely such people are called "the color of the nation."

Children's health is the main concern at all times

Indeed, in ancient times children were given to the care of the elderly, who deserved the confidence of the community with their wisely lived life. Nowadays, children are given to kindergartens, where the basic requirements are to feed the child, put him to bed and prepare for school.

In modern society, unfortunately, no attention is paid to revealing the origins and wisdom of its people to the child. Proverbs about health for children, which are left in plenty by our ancestors, are used only by grandparents or are studied once in school in the lesson of literature.

The food of modern children is far from ideal. Too much refined food, sweets and unhealthy baked goods in our stores. If parents taught their children folk wisdom, for example, "it is sweet to eat and drink - to go to doctors", it is likely that allergy sufferers and sick people would be significantly less.

Proverbs about health for children help to make the people strong and steadfast. After all, healthy youth is its backbone.

Charging and sports is the engine of health

More modern proverbs about sport and health characterize their importance in modern society. It is necessary to instill love of movement through proverbs from earliest childhood, so that the child perceives sport as a daily necessity.

"You'll be engaged in physical training - you will forget about illness" - this is the kind of modern proverb about sport and health that has an important instruction in its root. If you say this to a child since childhood, doing with it charging, then this habit your child will carry through his entire life and teach the same to his children.

Teaching a child, not showing by example, how to monitor health and hygiene, is just an empty parting word, which has no basis. The child will remember the words, but will see the actions behind them. Therefore, it is up to adults to determine exactly what their child will teach their children. So the connection of generations is formed.

Through a personal example to the health of generations

It is important to remember that each person bears personal responsibility for what the future awaits his child in particular and the people as a whole.

The national wisdom, which has been grafted from childhood , multiplied by daily actions, is the guarantee of prosperity for the whole nation.

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