Clownfish - a program for those who do not know how to change the voice in Skype

How to change the voice in Skype, you can learn from the program Clownfish (with English clownfish). One of the functions of the program is the built-in voice modulator.

The Clownfish program is designed to overcome the language barrier within the framework of Skype communication with representatives of different countries. This is an interpreter with many functions.

Install the program is not difficult. Before installation, you need to turn off Skype. If you forgot to do this, the program will remind you. After launching Clownfish, the icon appears in the system tray. To give access to the use of software in Skype, click the "Give access" button. You can change the interface language as follows: Preferences> Interface Language> Russian.

So, the program for changing the voice in Skype is installed.

What are its functions?

  1. Translation of messages into other languages.
  2. Sending pre-prepared congratulations.
  3. Sending pictures (symbols or emoticons).
  4. Enable the robot for flooding in the chat.
  5. Record conversations.
  6. Change the voice when talking through the microphone.

One of the main functions is a translation. English is automatically turned on when you send a message to someone. The user on the other hand can see the original text, and processed by the program. Russian text can be turned off completely, and your interlocutor will only see English.

The list of Clownfish includes not only popular languages, but also quite rare.

Translation can be customized in different ways:

  • Enable / disable the original text;
  • encrypt;
  • Check spelling;
  • Sound;
  • Translate incoming messages.

How to change the voice in Skype, you can find out using the Voice Changer item. Here there are templates for changing the voice and voice effects:

    1. Child, woman, bass, etc .;
    2. Chorus;
    3. Echo, including multi-voiced.

    You can also modulate the voice by types Alien, Mutation, Robotic Voice, Pitch. And at the specified volume, you can insert background music.

    The advantage of the Clownfish program is that you do not need to install additional audio drivers. The audio stream is directly intercepted, and the voice changes according to the selected setting.

    With the help of the program you can change your voice at the root.

    How to change the voice in Skype? If you want to do this, the Voice Changer will always come in handy.

    Such programs for voice change are a good reason to have fun and keep confidentiality, that is, they enable not only to communicate with someone else's voice, but also to raise the mood of the interlocutor with the help of various functions for distortion of sound. In applications of this kind, a huge selection of voices and effects, with which you will embellish your sound. Working with such programs is easy. They are designed for ordinary users.

    Before you learn how to change the voice in Skype, you'll have to play around with different voice effects a little and choose something close to the heart and soul. And after that you can play friends and acquaintances. After all, you can talk with the voice of Uncle Scrooge, squirrels from the cartoon "Chip and Dale" and many others. Also you can play various online games with the sound that you choose yourself. And playing with your friends on the Internet, supporting voice communication and at the same time replacing your voice with all sorts of funny sounds, is quite fun, exciting and interesting.

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