Cat pattern. Cats with their own hands: patterns

Need a pattern of a cat? See the samples, read the recommendations. The article presents both very simple and complex variants. Choose according to the experience and level of your skill, as well as the amount of time that you are willing to spend on creating an original home accessory.

What are soft cats made of cloth

Patterns of soft cats can be very different. There are complex and simple options.

From the point of view of form objects can be:

  • Flat in the form of a rug;
  • Semi-volume;
  • Three-dimensional.

For functional purposes, tissue cats are made as:

  • Stuffed Toys;
  • Pillows;
  • Souvenirs and decor;
  • Large interior objects.

From the point of view of manufacturing technology, this classification can be cited:

  • Simplified or monobjective, when two pieces are cut from the fabric, which are sewn along the line of the complex contour;
  • Combined or complex, which separately sew paws, head, tail, and then all this is assembled into a single whole.

In appearance (design) are made such options:

  • Natural, similar to natural;
  • Stylized, simplified;
  • Cartoon characters.

Materials used

Below is considered how the cats sew themselves. The patterns shown in the illustrations are suitable for all kinds of fabrics. The choice is determined by what you want to create and what effect you want to receive. You can sew a toy from shreds that you have available or specially buy fabric. In the second case, proceed from the decorativeness, surface texture, quality and cost of the fabric.

If you want to create a natural image of a kitten, it is better to use fur or fleecy fabric. For decorative stylized products or funny cartoon characters, any bright shreds will suit you: from calico and calico to felts and fleece.

How to sew a cat: pattern and work with a cloth

If you decide to do needlework and make a soft accessory, you need to do the following:

  1. Any work begins with the choice of ideas. You need to decide what exactly from the above list you want to do.
  2. The shape of the cat is taken ready or drawn on paper with your own hands. You can print the scheme you like on the right scale. Do not pay attention that the picture is not very good quality. To circle the contours, it is enough. If you do not have the option to print at the moment, take the glass, put it neatly to the monitor, circle the parts of the pattern. And the third option is to draw a pattern on the sheet according to the pattern yourself.
  3. Cut out the details from the paper.
  4. You impose them and fix them with pins on the fabric.
  5. Circle on the contour.
  6. Cut the pieces out of the material.
  7. Connect the parts in accordance with the manufacturing scheme.
  8. Fill the toy with filler.
  9. Sew the hole through which the previous action was performed.

All is ready.

The simplest options

In this way it is easy to make any thing - from a small souvenir to a pillow.

Print out the pattern on the right scale, cut out of paper, circle on the folded fabric to get two parts, sew on the wrong side, leaving the hole (preferably below), turn it out on the front side, fill it with cotton or sintepon, carefully sew a hole with a needle.

The shape of the cat in the simplest version is a schematic representation of the animal.
The outlines are usually simplified. In the picture above the cat is made in the form of a heart. This option is suitable as a soft fabric valentine of any size. A small heart is sewn on top as an element of application.

If you are making a large object, you can choose any option. In case of a decrease in the sample, try to take one where all shapes are streamlined and there are no thin narrow parts (strips of paws and tail). On a small scale, it will be very difficult to turn them out after stitching. For example, a tail 1 cm wide and 8 cm long can be problematic. This should also be taken into account when constructing patterns.

Below, the variant is very simple, both in terms of form and manufacturing technology. Make such a funny little animal is not difficult. It is enough to sew a nose and eyes out of the decor. You can draw a mustache and a mouth.

Patterns of toy-cats

It will already be more complicated products, and one can not do without a single seam. Manufacturing technology will involve the execution of several parts, alternately joining them into small volume parts, and then stitching into one common object.

The photo above shows the pattern and image of the cat, which was stretched out in the plane of the floor. In bulk, only the head is actually performed, although everything depends on the amount of stuffing. By adjusting its number, you can slightly change the shape of the object.

Patterns of toy-cats can be different, because the shapes and poses of the characters themselves are different. They can lie, sit, stretch, curl like a ball. Choose what is easier for you to make, or the most attractive and suitable accessory for you. Funny cat will be on the following pattern:

This option is also not very simple. It is necessary to make two details of the trunk and tail. The body will be sewn along the perimeter of the circumference of the bottom. The souvenir will be very stable even at high cat height.

The figures below show the children's toys. It can be made relatively flat or thicker due to a greater number of packing. The first illustration shows the front and back of the finished product, on the second - details of the pattern.

Complex variant

It is very difficult to sew an animal that will look like a natural animal.
In this case, the cat's pattern will consist of many details that you will not be able to simplify by making the paws thick, and the tail short, as in the case with stylized models. Everything should look as natural as possible, so it's better to choose the appropriate material - fluffy.

You saw that the cat products can be very diverse. This idea of a gift or an original accessory for your home is popular and relevant. Choose any pattern, follow the scheme of work - and you will definitely get a beautiful decoration in the form of a cat.

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