What is an upgrade and how to apply it?

Previously purchased a computer, considered two years ago as the "absolute perfection", today is a "remnant" of the past. For many users, the question: "What is an upgrade?" Is a long time ago clarified the essence of practical solutions related to the improvement and modernization of its electronic "hard worker". In this article, two fundamentally different versions of the transformation of the "lame and coughing" desktop or laptop into a device that meets the requirements of cutting-edge programs and resource-intensive gaming applications will be considered.

There is always a way out

If you refer yourself to the category of practical people or are a person who can not afford excessive luxury in the form of an annual acquisition of the new "monster" of high-tech progress from the IT industry, and the desire to own a computer "Ferrari" becomes an insurmountable reality ... Especially for you : A review of an effective and economically viable method that fully covers the question: "What is an upgrade?"

Iron proof of modern machines

In order to meet the system requirements of today's software, as well as competently solve the incredibly complex graphics tasks implemented in the newfangled "toys", your computer simply must have sufficient hardware potential: the CPU must be multi-core, the graphics card - powerful, and the memory - . So, the answer to the question: "What is an upgrade?" This is primarily the replacement of obsolete devices that are not able to effectively solve the tasks assigned to them. But ... there is always one "but"! Sometimes it's enough to just replace the graphics card or one of the system components. The most unpleasant moment becomes the situation when there are problems associated with insufficient performance of the motherboard ... However, such a motherboard can be upgraded, of course, not to the "rocket" level inherent in the currently produced computing superaggregates, but to a perfectly acceptable state that will correspond Requirements of modern digital reality.

Increase power

In order to prioritize the solution of the question: "Which device requires replacement in the first place?", Pay attention to how you use the computer, what it serves and what does not suit you in its work? For example: a laptop upgrade provides for single improvement options, one of which is an increase in the amount of RAM. What can not be said about the stationary "colleague", capable of many-sided reincarnation in a variety of hardware configurations. And now, when you are mentally determined and realized what device at the moment requires priority replacement, proceed to the important point - choosing the optimum price and the quality of the component. Pay attention: not always the multiplicity of physical cores of the central processor is justified moment for purchase. Sometimes one "heart flint" is enough. The main thing is the clock speed of the processor and the size of its cache. It is quite another matter - RAM. Here it just never happens much, however, as well as excess space on the hard disk. Remember, this is a fact. The video card most often requires an upgrade. Every year electronic toys acquire a more complex graphic structure. The geometry implemented in video applications requires incredible hardware resources, which in turn affects the power consumption and, consequently, the computer's cooling system. Yes, game modifications of laptops and laptops can not be called merciful consumer wallet. Therefore, do not pursue the novelty - still do not hurry!

Flash upgrade: expand the possibilities

Software update is an integral part of the operational process of almost all electronic devices. The software upgrade level of the motherboard, provided in the computer technology, consists in overwriting the previously used code on the motherboard's memory chip. As a result, the improved basic control system interacts most effectively with the hardware of the system unit and allows working with previously unknown BIOS devices. Since this type of qualitative improvement of a high-tech machine is associated with a certain amount of risk, incorrect actions and the not completely studied question "what is an upgrade" (and in particular, software upgrade) may lead to an irreversible process of destroying the working capacity of computer equipment. Therefore, be especially attentive, but it is best to contact the specialists directly.


Technology never stops in development and improvement. Each new day irreversibly brings humanity closer to new discoveries. Your computer is a transitional device, something between the abacus board and the future "zero and one-person keeper". So, until the next install ...

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