How to get rid of the smell of second-hand at home?

To date, stores "Second Hand" appear as mushrooms after the rain. In recent years, their number has increased in a huge number of times (surpassing their number can only pharmacies). Here you can buy clothes that were in use, at very low prices. But at the same time, buyers have one question: "How to get rid of the smell of second-hand?". After all, even new things that are rare, but still come across here, worn before the treatment is unpleasant.

So, how to get rid of the smell of second-hand? Let's consider this issue in detail.

How to get rid of the smell of second-hand? Frequently Asked Question

To such things, people's attitude is still ambiguous. Someone without them, as they say, and life is not nice. And someone is categorically against such clothes. And all because (more often than not) that they just do not know how to get rid of the smell of second-hand. But he really is quite persistent and unpleasant. Why does this happen? What is the reason for this repellent flavor?

What's that smell?

Let's try to understand. This smell is the result of sanitary treatment of things with special chemistry. Basically, this is formaldehyde and methyl bromide. And this is known to be the strongest poisons. The purpose of this treatment is to destroy bacteria, insects and fungi that live on human clothing (dust mites including). Experts assure people who do not know how to get rid of the smell of second-hand and where it comes from, that you can safely use chemicals designed for disinfection. They are absolutely safe for humans. However, this can be argued. Often neutralization of poisons in the territory of our country is poor.

However, in any case, if you have already thought about how to get rid of the smell of second-hand on things, then this clothing of insects, fungi and microbes practically does not contain. But there is too much poisonous formaldehyde in it. Therefore, if you already bought such clothes, you have to work on it at home properly.

On what to stop?

So, how to get rid of the smell of second-hand on things? Today there are more and more recommendations and advice on this matter. Although a large part of them is absolutely useless. You can trust, of course, to industrial scale purification from poisonous substances. However, what to do with the things purchased at home? Everything is very simple! We take the essence of the idea of getting rid of things from the unpleasant smell of the same industrialists. That is, we use ammonia and fresh air.

The easiest way

So, if you need to get rid of the smell of second-hand clothes, pay attention to the following recipe. You will only need ammonia and water. It is only necessary to monitor the proportions. If the thing is not very large (for example, a skirt or a light blouse), use 20 milliliters of alcohol for 5 liters of water. For a more oversized thing you need a whole hundred-liter bottle. Water in this case will need to take 10 liters.

It takes from half an hour to two hours to remove the odor. It all depends on the material and the amount of clothes. In order to clean the cotton things, it will take half an hour or an hour. Skin, fur and synthetics will have to be soaked in solution for about 6 hours. After that, clothes are wrung out and hung out in the open air for a couple of days.

Then everything is as usual. Just wash things with powder and air conditioner and dry. Note, in contact with ammonia, clothes do not lose their color, do not stretch and do not "ssyhaetsya."

Some housewives soak things for a couple of hours in shampoo with a pleasant smell. After that, they should be rinsed with detergent (preferably, liquid) and air conditioner. Outdoors things dry for a day.

When hand washed with soap, the odor also goes away quite quickly. And white things, by the way, become even whiter. Minus one - clothes become stiff.

Washing with gel capsules is also a good option. Things for a very long time they retain a new pleasant smell.

Folk methods

However, there are other ways, if you intend to get rid of the smell of second-hand. Customer reviews say that you can do without ammonia and powders. Especially if the smell is not too pronounced.

First, you can wash things with flavored salt or with the addition of a few drops of essential oils. True, you may need a few washes.

Secondly, you can soak clothes in an aqueous solution of vinegar or salt (or both). It also does not hurt to add soda.

Thirdly, you can use a special deodorant. Such products are sold in the departments of household chemicals.

In addition, you can put next to things soap, toilet water, perfume or coffee, and close for a couple of days. You can give clothes to dry clean, iron with steam or wash in fresh air without squeezing.

By the way, there is one more problem - the smell from footwear, second-hand. The skin can not be washed, for example. A sneaker after a long soaking can just break up. But the most terrible thing is a fungus! He hides in every second pair and is able to give you a lot of trouble. Survive mushroom spores even in the most extreme conditions. Therefore in this case it is best to use special disinfectants.


In general, if you do not know how to get rid of the odor of second-hand on a leather jacket, fur, knitted, natural or synthetic things, use one of the above methods. To do this, you will not need anything special - just the tools that are available, of course, in everyone's house.

In a word, clothes from the "second-hand" are more and more often bought by people today. Especially those whose monthly income is not that much. The purchase of such things allows you to regularly replenish your wardrobe with newer clothes - used or even new ones. The main thing is that you can find something original and stylish for yourself.

The only problem you will face is the unpleasant smell of formaldehyde coming from things. Therefore, after buying them, you need to wash the structure of the material with moisture-repellent substances and soluble chemicals. Be sure to watch the water temperature. It should be acceptable for a particular kind of tissue.

Things should be disinfected from people who already managed to get off with these outfits in the fitting room. In addition, you do not know how well the clothes were disinfected after its former owner.

However, everything is extremely simple. None of these procedures will require special efforts from you. Therefore, you can safely buy what you like in economy class stores, without even worrying that the surrounding people will guess where exactly these things were bought. Enjoy your shopping and good mood!

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